Bitzlato Review – The Middleman for your Crypto Needs

With Bitzlato, you're able to deal with other traders who are interested in buying or selling cryptocurrencies, meaning that there's no need to worry about hidden fees.

Bitzlato, formerly ChangeBot, is an innovative and easy-to-use Russian peer-to-peer custodial cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies without the need for intermediaries or hidden commissions.

Users can easily buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Monolith Ruble (RUBM), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), etc., all while avoiding any steep trading fees!

In addition to the P2P exchange offered, the Bitzlato exchange has 20 cryptocurrency trading pairs, allowing you to switch between coins at very low fees.

Bitzlato is a company that also provides Telegram trading bots to help users make trades on the crypto markets. Their product continues serving its user base today, and it all comes down to an excellent experience in security and convenience.

Using a Telegram trading bot involves the buyer deposits funds into the seller’s account, and the seller utilizes the bot to send the crypto. In a peer-to-peer exchange, the sole intermediary is a program that moves cryptocurrency from the seller’s deposit to the buyer’s wallet.

Bottom Line
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No more crowing about your bad trades with friends.
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Bottom Line
Bitzlato’s central motto is to be one of the most innovative, low-cost, and technology-friendly P2P cryptocurrency platforms in the world.
Established escrow makes the procedure nearly impenetrably safe, especially when purchasing cryptocurrency

Low-cost cryptocurrency platform – low fees make saving more of your money attainable

Numerous payment options, including cash

Simplifies the process of crypto trading with an innovative approach to make it easier for you
A relatively smaller number of altcoins

The exchange’s roster and history are largely unknown

Bitzlato Features

Bitlzato is a revolutionary cryptocurrency P2P platform and exchange. One of the largest in Russia, it was established in 2016 with sleek operations to serve thousands of satisfied customers so far!

Bitzlato is the perfect place for you to buy/sell cryptocurrencies with confidence. Notably, Bitzlato is a platform that offers an extensive range of cryptocurrencies for trading. In addition, they provide an excellent service, backed up by their years of experience in the field.

Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, it also supports other popular coins such as Dash and Monolith Ruble – all available in crypto-to-crypto exchange format!

The exchange also supports Ethereum Classic and Dai, with trading against bitcoin and stablecoins available in addition.

Bitzlato’s mission has always been to make it easy for anyone in any country of the world with no technical knowledge whatsoever to get started investing by providing them access either through their website where they can buy coins using credit cards as well other payment methods.

Bitzlato is a very popular peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange for trading bitcoins. It enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without any hassle, as it integrates with their favorite messaging app – Telegram!

From the beginning, Bitzlato’s web exchange has been clean and simple to use for beginners. However, it also supports advanced trading tools, perfect if you want a more challenging experience in your investment process – without sacrificing ease or convenience!

Bitzlato’s advanced trading tools can be helpful in an investment portfolio or when trying out new strategies on the market!

Crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike can test their trading skills before putting real money into a crypto portfolio with demo accounts.

As a high-volume trader, you may find that Bitzlato is one of the best options for trading due to its low fees and great features.

Not only does Bitzlato charge some of the lowest fees in its industry, but with Bitzlato, you can engage in P2P trading or crypto to crypto transactions without any frustrations or confusion on how each exchange works!

Is Bitzlato Safe?

Bltizlato is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange that has been running since 2016, and so far, they’ve avoided major security breaches. The service offers secure storage for digital funds, as well as cutting-edge security features to keep your assets safe from hackers – including two-factor authentication!

Bitzlato began as a Russian cryptocurrency mining company in 2013, when it was created by a group of professional technologists.

Since that time, the company has operated and developed mining equipment, data centers, and client mining services in a number of nations.

In 2016, Bitzlato expanded its crypto services portfolio by establishing an economical and trustworthy Bitcoin peer-to-peer exchange service on the renowned messaging platform Telegram with a mobile Bitcoin banker.

As the service gained traction, the Bitzlato team expanded its offering of Telegram exchange bots, including those for purchasing and selling Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin.

Consequently, it became Russia’s second-largest peer-to-peer exchange in terms of trading volume.

In 2018, Bitzlato introduced a new service – a web-based version of its existing peer-to-peer exchangers, as well as a cryptocurrency exchange.

Additionally, the exchange underwent a rebranding exercise, changing its name from ChangeBot to Bitzlato.

Ever since, the exchange’s services have been integrated, allowing users to access them all with a single user account.

As of 2021, Bitzlato’s service package comprises a crypto wallet, a platform-based peer-to-peer fiat-to-crypto exchange, and Telegram bots.

Additionally, the exchange team is developing BitzlatoPay, a cryptocurrency payment gateway for merchants, a mining pool, a peer-to-peer lending platform, and a mobile application, as well as additional new crypto goods.

Furthermore, Bitzlato uses an escrow system to ensure both sides remain happy and satisfied with this exchange—guaranteed safe AND quick (and private too)!

Bitzlato Supported Countries

Bitzlato is a cryptocurrency platform that offers services to its users. The availability of these features depends on the user’s location. Still, there may be restrictions depending on where they live in terms of legislation with cryptocurrencies being allowed or not by law.

By using any Bizltatlo services like the crypto exchange, for instance, one agrees and confirms compliance with their local jurisdiction laws when signing up.

Notable instances of countries that are not supported include, but are not limited to the following:

  • United States
  • Germany

Bitzlato Fees

Bitzlato is a low-fee trading platform that supports peer-to-peer exchanges between users. Naturally, the rates vary based on your preferred form of payment. Still, overall, Bitzlatos offers competitive pricing for those who want to trade with other members in their network without spending too much money or time doing it themselves!

Bitzlato’s peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace allows each seller to establish their own cost. Thus, the fee is determined by the offer and can be nearly any amount, although the majority of dealers charge extremely favorable fees. It’s all up in what you’re looking at!

It is essential to know the fees you will be charged when trading on the Bitzlato exchange. The Bitzlato exchange charges both taker and maker fees. Bitzlato charges both takers and makers. You will pay 0.05% per executed order as a market maker and 0.15% per transaction as a market taker.

Bitzlato is a secure, safe, and reputable cryptocurrency trading platform. It offers competitive fees among other exchanges to make sure you get the best price possible.

You are somebody’s somebody. Every second somebody somewhere is feeling the warmth of your embrace, so don’t you think it’s time you find them? Bitzlato’s P2P trades apply a 0.5% fee to the person who creates an ad, but that small price tag is worth it.

For instance, if you respond to an advertisement, regardless of whether it is for purchasing or selling crypto, you will not be charged more than the amount specified in the advertisement.

To put it simply: you won’t pay a penny more than what was advertised. However, keep in mind that payment processing fees may apply depending on your preferred payment method.

Bitzlato is a distinctive company with efficiency as its specialty. Their team has found a way to make peer-to-peer exchanges cheaper than competitors like LocalBitcoins and LocalCryptos.

By comparison, another popular peer-to-peer platform, LocalBitcoins, charges a 1% fee to users who submit ads. LocalCryptos, a non-custodial competitor, charges 0.25% maker and 0.75% taker fees on each completed trade. As a result, Bitzlato offers P2P exchange services at a lower cost than both of these platforms.

Want to invest with minimal fuss? Bidzlato doesn’t hide its fees, so you always know how much it’s costing.

Bitzlato was created to solve the hefty fees that many other exchanges charge. Nobody should have to trade at an exchange where they’re overpaying just to get started!

What better way to learn about cryptocurrency than with a little experiment. With Bitzlato, you can exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum for free on weekends using the P2P platform.

Come, spend your weekend in Bitzlato! The “Free Weekend” promotion also allows users to trade Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tether, and Monolith Ruble for free.


Try Bitzlato for all your P2P needs.

It’s cheaper than the competitors and offers lower fees than its rivals!

Who doesn’t like Bitzlato? Everyone loves the taste, the crunch! Now that feeling is even better because you can trade with their low fees.

Imagine paying a fee to hodl your money. Bitzlato does not impose fees for cryptocurrency deposits into its multicurrency cryptocurrency wallet. It does, however, levy withdrawal fees, which are a tiny percentage of the total transaction value. So make using your cryptocurrency an inconvenience-free experience with Bitzlato!

Be a part of the future. Trade with Bitzlato, and help shape the exchange you know and love today.

These days, everyone is either holding or hunting for coins. So why not try something fun? Grab some Bitzlato and forget about those pesky trading fees!

Bitzlato Customer Support

With a responsive and supportive customer support team, the Bitzlato exchange has provided its users with efficient help around the clock. They are reachable through these channels:

  • Support website with the ability to submit a ticket
  • Support bot & community chat via Telegram

At the moment, Bitzlato’s FAQ knowledge base is only available in Russian. This, however, should be translated into English shortly, as a catalog of guides already exists.

The Bitzlato customer support team is known for being very responsive, and you can expect to get a response within two hours at most. Though, it may take longer during peak periods of activity – so if your issue isn’t resolved right away, don’t give up hope!

Bitzlato Verification

Bitzlato reserves the right to demand customers complete an account verification KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

The company may request you to authenticate certain aspects of your identity; the specifics vary according to the order’s value, currency direction, and payment mechanism used.

The seller or buyer in the P2P market sets their own requirements for an ad. Some dealers require KYC, and others don’t care at all! You’ll see everything when creating your order – that way, you can be sure to find something suitable and meet any restrictions on either end of trade with ease.

The tone should always remain professional, but this is essentially giving people transparency about what they need before making a decision.

Bitzlato’s strict internal procedures and mechanisms to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, or other harmful activities are what make it such a popular trading platform among traders.

User verification on the BizZardo doesn’t have any mandatory requirements but is highly recommended since most users trade only with verified profiles; thus, having one will increase your trust in them exponentially!

User Interface and Experience

Designed for a truly global audience, Bitzlato exchange offers a variety of different services. With its cryptocurrency exchange platform and web-based peer-to-peer (P2P) system, you can trade crypto at competitive rates.

Bitzlato has a mobile app for Android available to download now. The iOS version is currently in development, but it will be released soon!

One of the best parts about this mobile app is that it has an easy-to-use interface. Unfortunately, the company has not yet released an English translation for the app, but it does have a Russian language option.

Some people are intimidated by the online world, but it’s easy to find your way around Bitzlato. Registration is quick and simple on the website so that you can get started immediately. Simply enter your username or email address, solve a puzzle, and you’re good to go!

It’s time to go public. Bitzlato helps you get on the right side of cryptocurrencies with their down-to-earth, innovative P2P trading platform. Trade sleekly with others in a lucrative network that’s ripe for opportunity.

The Bitzlato P2P exchange is a simple, secure, and affordable way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Bitzlato’s crypto exchange was built on the idea of giving you an opportunity to trade all of your favorite cryptocurrencies without having to sacrifice convenience or safety. They are committed to enabling their users with the ability to buy and sell today’s most popular cryptocurrencies at a cheap price point.

Currently, the exchange enables trading in ten cryptocurrencies through 22 market pairs. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monolith Ruble, and Tether USD serve as the exchange’s base cryptocurrencies.

Ever been stuck in a conversation about blockchain that left you feeling seasick? Been there, done that. Bitzlato knows the struggle all too well- with its cryptocurrency exchange and fantastic liquidity, they’re hoping to give crypto enthusiasts their best shot at entering this exciting new market without fussing over slow transactions or lack of information for buy/sell orders.

For instance, its BTC/ETH market promotes a daily trading volume of roughly 10 BTC, which means that you are likely to have your trades executed even if you do not purchase or sell at market price.

Bitzlato Security

In a world where shoddy custodial exchanges are as plentiful as fleas on a dog, your funds deserve more. Bitzlato is the bomb. Talk about trustworthy custodianship; this custodial exchange will keep your assets protected, like Fort Knox toting up in a liquid vault.

The Bitzlato team is all about protection, seamless integration with marketplaces, and putting the experience of being a custodian on their own terms.

The majority of cryptocurrencies are typically stored in cold wallets by Bitzlato, with only a portion of the funds remaining online to cover operating liquidity needs.

Your security is Bitzlato’s top priority. That’s why all wallets and paper backups are encrypted to ensure the safety of your data. In addition, all vaults contain a geographically distributed system, making it impossible for anyone to get their hands on sensitive information stored there!


Bitzlato is an excellent exchange that will never steal your dreams.

Offering one of the lowest fee structures in crypto, Bitzlato guarantees you cheaper and safer trading.

The best way to stay safe is by being smart with your account and password, as you can never be too careful. The security measures on an exchange’s side will only do so much if the user does not take precautions from the start!

Bitzlato is always on the lookout for hackers. However, with two-factor authentication (2FA), they can be thwarted with ease! Notably, Bitzlato’s two-factor authentication helps protect against account takeovers.

There are two types of people: those who let their crypto get hacked and those who store their crypto on Bitzlato. The latter group laughs all the way to the bank because they know their funds are one hundred percent safe!

With Bitzlato, your money is safe and sound. Security is tight at Bitzlato headquarters. They’ve yet to have any significant security breaches.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Bitzlato’s multicurrency wallet enables you to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. It does not charge additional fees for deposits. However, withdrawals are subject to a minor fee to cover network costs.

Both deposits and withdrawals are almost instantaneous and require only one confirmation. The one exception is Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which requires no confirmations at all for deposits.

Additionally, there have been no limits on the amount of crypto you can withdraw, except for Ethereum, which requires a minimum transaction of 0.02 ETH.

Bitzlato does not accept fiat currencies on its platform. However, it does accept a variety of fiat currencies as a payment option for its P2P exchange.

Make Profits with Bitzlato

The cryptocurrency world is a fast-moving one, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends. Luckily for you, Bitzlato has been built from the ground up to help simplify this process by providing high-quality services that will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your investments.

Whether you’re looking for more traditional trading options or want access to cryptocurrencies without using your bank account, Bitzlato has something here for everyone — and their commitment to user privacy means there are no worries when it comes time for transactions.

Bitzlato is less of a crypto exchange than it is an artisan middleman. They take your desire for trade and then expertly help you turn that into profits. Starting with nothing but your faith in your own skills, Bitzlato will build you up until you’re the envy of every weak-willed investor. Earn back more than what you put in starting at investment level 1!

Enterprising investors are already making their mark on the world economy by trading cryptocurrencies on the innovative Bitzlato platform right now! Lose all your security worries with their ultra-secure transactions made anonymous for personal use only, no matter which corner of the globe you’re using them from!

Crypto isn’t just a tool or a new phrase for computer engineering majors. It’s the means of improving our global economics and fostering technological advancement. Now that you know why cryptocurrencies matter to the world, be sure to utilize Bitzlato’s exchange service, so your investments actually do something meaningful with their gains!


Be a part of the future. Trade with Bitzlato, and help shape the exchange you know and love today.
Bitzlato Review – The Middleman for your Crypto Needs
Bitzlato Review – The Middleman for your Crypto Needs

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