Does Panda Express Have a Drive-Thru in 2022?

If you’re wondering whether Panda Express has a drive-thru, the answer is yes – but not all locations offer this service.

If you’re looking to save time, ordering ahead and picking up your food from the drive-thru may be a better option than dining in.

However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, dine-in may be the better choice for you.

Keep reading to find out your options and decide what works best for you.

About Panda Express Restaurants with Drive Thru

Panda Express is a popular chain of Chinese restaurants that offers a drive thru option at many of its locations. This can be an excellent option for busy families or those who want to grab a quick meal on the go.

The drive thru Panda Express menu offers all of the same delicious options as the sit-down menu, including fan favorites like Orange Chicken and Beijing Beef.

Best of all, the drive thru line generally moves quickly, so you won’t have to spend much time waiting for your food.

The company has more than 2,300 locations worldwide, but only half of them have drive-thrus.

Today, Panda Express has grown to become a popular dining option for people across the country who are looking for a quick and tasty meal.

And with the addition of drive thru service at many locations, it has never been easier to enjoy your favorite Panda Express dishes on the go!

Do Panda Express Restaurants Have Drive Thrus?

You might be surprised to learn that not all Panda Express locations have a drive-thru.

While the chain is best known for its convenient locations inside malls and airports, not every Panda Express restaurant has a drive-thru lane.

However, you can still enjoy your favorite Panda Express dishes by ordering online or through the mobile app.

Whether driving or walking, there’s always a convenient way to enjoy your favorite Chinese food from Panda Express.

How Many Panda Express Locations Have a Drive Thru?

Approximately 50% of the chain’s locations feature drive-thrus.

Panda Express has been enticing convenience-focused diners with its affordable prices and QR code-based features for its drive-thrus to make it faster to complete an order.

Where to Find a Panda Express Drive Thru Near Me?

Are you looking for a fast, convenient place to grab a quick bite?

If so, you may be wondering, “Where can I find a Panda Express drive thru near me?”

Panda Express is one of the largest Chinese food chains in the United States, and it offers a wide variety of menu items to choose from.

With locations across the country, it’s easy to find a Panda Express drive thru near you.

Simply use the restaurant locator on the Panda Express website or app to find the nearest location.

Check with your local Panda Express to see what their hours of operation are.

Then, just pull up to the drive thru and order your favorite meals. It’s that easy!

So next time you’re looking for a quick, delicious meal, stop by your nearest Panda Express drive thru.

When Did the First Panda Express Drive Through Open?

Panda Express, the fast-casual Chinese restaurant chain, opened its first drive-thru in 1997 in Hesperia, California.

The company initially focused on sit-down restaurants but saw an opportunity to attract customers looking for a quick and convenient way to enjoy Chinese food.

The company had been hoping to target a new customer base with the drive-thru service and immediately saw success.

The drive-thru quickly became a popular option for Panda Express customers, and the company soon began expanding its drive-thru locations.

Today, there are over 2,300 Panda Express locations across the United States, and many of them offer drive-thru service.

The company has continued to innovate its drive-thru offerings over the years and now offers customers the option to order online and pick up their food at a designated time.

Thanks to its convenient drive-thru service, Panda Express has become one of the country’s most popular quick-service restaurant chains.

Is It Possible To Order Any Menu Item At A Panda Express with Drive-Thru?

At Panda Express, you can order any menu item at the drive-thru. This includes all of your favorite entrees, sides, and desserts.

Simply pull up to the drive-thru window and let the attendant know what you want to order. They will be happy to help you with anything you need.

So whether you’re in the mood for some Orange Chicken or want to try something new, Panda Express has you covered.

So next time you’re in a hurry, stop by Panda Express for all your Chinese food needs.

Does Panda Express Provide Free Samples at The Drive Thru?

No, Panda Express does not give free samples at the drive-thru anymore.

Panda Express has decided to cease providing free samples due to the COVID pandemic in 2020.

However, the restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items to choose from, so you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

The Panda Express menu features Chinese-inspired dishes such as Orange Chicken and Beijing Beef, as well as more traditional Chinese fare like Chow Mein and Eggplant Tofu.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that will please your taste buds.

Why Do Not All Panda Express Restaurants Have a Drive-Thru?

One might wonder why a restaurant like Panda Express wouldn’t have a drive-thru. After all, many other fast-food chains offer this convenient option.

However, there are several reasons why Panda Express doesn’t currently have drive-thrus at any of its locations.

For one thing, the restaurant’s menu is focused on Chinese cuisine, which is not typically conducive to the drive-thru format.

Furthermore, the chain is focused on providing a sit-down dining experience, which would be difficult to replicate at a drive-thru.

Panda Express’ menu items are typically not suitable for eating in a car. Many dishes are served hot and fresh out of the kitchen, and they would not taste as good if they were sitting in a car for an extended period.

The dishes tend to be more complex than the simple burgers and fries commonly found at fast-food drive-thrus.

In addition, Panda Express’ servings are designed for individual diners or small groups rather than large orders that would be more common at a drive-thru.

Moreover, Panda Express restaurants are typically located in high-traffic areas such as malls and airports, where there isn’t enough space for a drive-thru lane.

And finally, Panda Express relies heavily on take-out and delivery orders, which wouldn’t be possible if they had a drive-thru.

As a result, it would be logistically challenging to implement a drive-thru option at Panda Express restaurants.

So for now, guests will just have to enjoy the restaurant’s delicious food inside the restaurant or through its takeout and delivery options.

It’s possible that the company may reconsider its stance on drive-thrus in the future, but for now, Panda Express has no plans to add them to all of its restaurants.


Panda Express is a great place to enjoy Chinese cuisine. With various options and flavors, there’s something for everyone at Panda Express.

The restaurant chain also offers catering services, making it the perfect choice for large gatherings or events.

Panda Express is always a convenient option whether you’re in the mood for a quick lunch or a late-night snack.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your hands on some delicious Chinese food, head over to your nearest Panda Express location with a drive thru and order up!

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