Does Subway Have Pizza? Explore The Answer To The Age-Old Question

Subway is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the world.

It’s known for its delicious sandwiches and salads, but people often wonder whether or not Subway has pizza.

After all, so many other fast-food restaurants offer pizza, so why not Subway? Let’s explore this question further.

Does Subway Have Pizza In 2023?

Subway may not have pizza listed directly on its menu, but that doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your craving for a cheesy, delicious slice!

Not all Subway locations offer pizza, but those that do offer personal-sized pizzas around 8 inches in size that range from $4 to $5.

Moreover, Subway also offers a secret menu item – the Pizza Sub Melt! This delicious sandwich packs your favorite pizza flavors into a 6-inch sub or footlong.

Just tell the Sandwich Artist what toppings you want out of bread, tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and vegetables. Then, they’ll create your own pizza sub exactly how you imagined it!

With Subway’s delicious pizzas and creative customizations available, everyone is sure to find something to satisfy their taste buds.

Does Subway Make Pizza?

The answer to the question of whether or not Subway makes pizza may surprise many.

While it is true that Subway restaurants do not bake pizzas in the traditional sense, they still offer a unique and delicious alternative in their ‘Flatizza’ range.

This dish is a classic Italian-style flatbread base covered with classic pizza-style toppings, including classic mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and even salami and bell peppers.

The Flatizza gives those who are loyal to Subway’s sandwiches a chance to experience some classic Italian flavors.

Though it may be somewhat unorthodox for a major sandwich chain to offer what is essentially a pizza product, Subway customers don’t seem to mind. This popular item continues to fly off the shelves!

What Are The Ingredients In The Pizza Sub At Subway?

A pizza sub from Subway is an excellent twist on a classic Italian favorite with marinara sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and other vegetables of your choosing.

This secret menu item is easy to order craftily during the sandwich-making process. Although the cost of this delicious foot-long sandwich varies depending on the franchise and location, it usually runs around $5.50 for the standard ingredients.

To kick it up a notch, you can also add extra meat items such as chicken, bacon, ham, or turkey; however, these additions tend to come at an additional cost.

Whether you’re a fan of minimalist topping combinations or one who likes to try something more adventurous with a variety of flavors, the pizza sub from Subway has something for everyone!

What Kind Of Pizzas Does Subway Have?

Subway offers a delicious selection of personal pizzas, pizza subs, and flatbread pizzas to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Their legendary 6-inch Pizza Sub Melt is available with various fillings, for an indulgent and cheesy sandwich that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Another option is the Chicken Pizzaiola – a tasty medley of tender chicken strips, marinara sauce, vegetables, and melted cheese surrounded by freshly baked bread.

The recently introduced Flatizza pizza is especially satisfying if you’re after something lighter. It’s basically a folded-over pizza that’s grilled instead of baked, resulting in an incredibly crispy and cheesy flatbread crunch that can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a full meal.

Subway has you covered no matter what kind of pizza you’re in the mood for!

Regular Personal Pizzas

Subway’s delicious pizza range is impressive and sure to please. There are three eight-inch flavor options to choose from – BBQ Chicken, Spicy Pepperoni, and Veggie Supreme – so there’s something for everyone.

To accompany your pizza, you can select a range of sauces such as sweet chili sauce, mayo, and marinara sauce.

The cheese selection includes favorites like Parmesan, cheddar, feta, and Swiss – plus various toppings like ham, chicken, bacon, avocado, pepperoni, mushrooms, pickles, and avocado, to name just a few.

Sandwich Sub Pizzas

Subway offers the unique option of pizzas made in sandwich form. Customers can choose from a 6-inch pizza crust sandwich filled with their favorite toppings, such as the popular Pizza Sub Melt and Chicken Pizzaiola.


Subway has also recently introduced the Flatizza pizza, an innovative take on traditional pizza that is grilled instead of baked. This method yields a crispier outside and cheesy middle, which packs intense flavor in every bite.

There’s no better snack or quick meal for those seeking something different from traditional pizza.

The Flatizza provides a delicious, convenient option for Subway customers who still crave pizza with a creative twist.

How Big Are Subway’s Pizzas?

Subway pizzas come in two distinct sizes, the Regular and the Sandwich. The Regular size has a diameter of around 8 inches, while the Sandwich size is 6 inches.

Regular pizzas pack quite a caloric punch at 700-900 calories per pizza, making them a substantial meal option compared to other items on their menu.

As with any meal at Subway, customizing your pizza is encouraged to tailor it to your tastes and dietary requirements.

Whether you opt for an indulgent treat or take measures to lighten up your order, Subway’s delicious pizzas are sure to satisfy even the pickiest taste buds.

How Many Calories Are In A Subway Pizza Sub Melt?

Subway’s Pizza Sub Melt is a feast of flavor. It may come as a surprise to learn that this delicious treat doesn’t pack too much of a calorific punch.

A footlong Pizza Sub Melt contains 760 calories, which may be considered slightly higher than a standard sandwich option found at Subway. Still, for an indulgent treat, it could be seen as relatively low in calorie content.

Many pizza options contain significantly more calories than the Subway Pizza Sub Melt, making it an excellent choice for those counting their caloric intake. Delicious and nutritious – what’s not to love?

How Are Subway Pizzas Made?

If you’re looking for a quick-service pizza option with plenty of customization options, Subway might be the place.

Personal pizzas at Subway are ready-made and frozen so that they can be cooked quickly in their special ovens. These ovens usually take around 85 seconds to heat up the pizza – giving you a piping hot, delicious meal in no time!

And it’s not just a basic offering; like any other Subway sandwich or salad, you can customize your Subway pizza with extra cheese and meats for added flavor and fresh vegetables for an extra boost of nutrients.

When Did Subway Start Selling Pizza?

Subway debuted its pizza selection in 2006 at a store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since then, Subway’s popularity for its pizza has grown considerably, and now it can be found at stores in Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey.

As Subway continues to provide customers with quality pizza options, they recommend confirming the availability of their pizza menu items by asking your local store before arrival.

Making sure you can satisfy that craving is only a phone call away!

Are Subway’s Personal Pizzas Worth A Taste Test?

If you’re looking to switch up your pizza routine, why not give Subway’s Personal Pizzas a try?

Although they are smaller than traditional pizzas, the quality and flavor make up for the difference in size.

With fresh ingredients like salami, pepperoni, and melty cheese from the oven, these little pizzas pack a powerful punch with each bite.

And if you’re not feeling creative enough to create your own personal pizza at Subway, don’t worry – there’s already an array of pre-made options that have been carefully crafted for extra flavor.

So if you’re ready for something new for lunch or dinner, take a chance on Subway’s Personal Pizzas: it could be just the flavor boost you need!

Why Doesn’t Subway Serve Pizza At All Restaurants?

Subway does not serve regular personal pizzas at all of its locations because it is not part of its core business model.

While many fast-food restaurants focus on providing customers with quick and easy meals, including pizza, sandwiches are the foundation of Subway’s business model.

As such, they have decided to focus on what they do best—making amazing sandwiches — instead of trying to compete with other pizza chains by offering their own version of pizza. 


So, next time you’re craving pizza but don’t want to leave your healthy eating goals behind, head on over to Subway and try out one of their delicious pizzas!

With many great flavor options to choose from, there’s sure to be a pizza that will tantalize your taste buds.

And, if you’re feeling really adventurous, ask for the Pizza Sub Melt – it’s a secret menu item that’s sure to satisfy your hunger cravings!

If you’re a fan of Subway, you may also be curious about Subway sauces, what Subway cheese types exist, and if Subway still has Seafood Sub.

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