Everything You Need To Know About FedEx Background Checks

If you’re considering applying for a job at FedEx, you might wonder what kind of background check the company conducts.

While each company has its own unique process when conducting employee background checks, it’s important to understand the factors that could influence your ability to get hired and whether you’ll need any additional documents or information before submitting your application.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about FedEx’s background check process so that you can make sure all your ducks are in a row and increase your chances of being offered the job!

Does FedEx Do Background Checks?

FedEx takes the security and trustworthiness of its employees seriously, which is why it runs background checks for all potential hires.

This kind of check looks carefully at work and education history, as well as where an applicant has lived before and whether they have any past criminal convictions.

The complexity of these checks depends on various factors, such as the state an individual lives in and the nature of the job they are applying for.

Taking the time to do these checks means that FedEx can be confident in its hiring decisions, helping to ensure a safe and secure workforce.

What Is A Background Check?

Before diving into FedEx’s background check process, it is important to understand what a background check entails.

Knowing this information can help potential job seekers better prepare for any screening they may undergo during their search!

A background check is a process of gathering information about a person’s prior history and current status.

Background checks typically involve obtaining records from various sources such as employers, court records, law enforcement agencies, and government databases for financial information like credit reports.

The type and amount of information gathered depends on the purpose of the particular background check but can be as extensive as including past criminal convictions and an assessment of overall character through references.

Background checks may also include information like educational credentials, work experiences, military service history, etc.

Any company considering offering employment must ensure they are fair, open, and consistent when performing background checks to prevent potential liability.

What Does a FedEx Background Check Include?

A FedEx background check typically includes verifying your identity and previous employment history. Depending on the position being applied for, it may consist of an assessment of any criminal records or credit histories.

This information is collected from third-party sources such as private databases, public records, and court documents.

Depending on the position, they may also conduct drug screenings or require additional education or certification verifications.

The background check also includes education verification and reference checks.

FedEx may also perform pre-employment screening and reference checks.

These checks are designed to ensure that all employees meet the necessary qualifications for their job roles.

Do All FedEx Positions Require a Background Check?

Every job applicant must complete a basic background check regardless of their role at FedEx.

Depending on the position, applicants may be required to undergo additional screening processes such as drug testing or more thorough criminal record checks.

For sensitive positions requiring access to confidential information or handling money, applicants may be asked to provide fingerprints or other biometric data for more comprehensive background checks.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A FedEx Background Check?

The length of time it takes to complete a background check depends on several factors, including which type of screening is required for your particular job role, how many records need to be checked, other special requirements, and how quickly you can provide all requested materials (including references).

Generally speaking, most background checks are completed within 1-2 weeks; however, some can take longer, depending on the complexity of the inquiry. 

How Far Back Does The FedEx Background Check Go?

Depending on the role and job requirements, background checks conducted by FedEx typically go back five to seven years.

This is a prudent measure used to ensure that potential hires meet the company’s expectations in terms of qualifications and conduct.

This typically includes examining educational and employment history specifically for jobs related to the position being applied for.

Additionally, civil records such as criminal convictions, traffic violations, bankruptcies, or other legal issues may also be explored during this process.

It is highly recommended that candidates self-disclose any relevant information in their applications or during interviews so that what is discovered in the background check aligns with the information provided during other parts of the hiring process.

What Are The Consequences Of Failing The FedEx Background Check?

Failing a background check with FedEx may have some serious consequences. Most commonly, applicants who fail the background check will not be offered employment with the company, although there may also be more specific consequences based on the reasons for the failure.

Those who are found to have provided misleading or false information in their application may face additional legal repercussions under state and federal laws.

Additionally, failing an employer’s background check could lead to difficulty obtaining other jobs and sometimes raise doubts about an applicant’s character and integrity.

As such, it is essential that all applicants provide accurate information when applying for positions with FedEx so they can avoid any of these potential problems.

Will A Criminal Record Affect One’s Ability To Get A Job With FedEx?

While FedEx has pledged not to discriminate purely based on a background check, there may be some roles they can’t consider you for, depending on the nature of your conviction.

A DUI likely disqualifies you from entering a role as a driver. More serious convictions, such as those related to money, will impact those jobs requiring handling finances.

When in doubt, always disclose any relevant information to your potential employer and avoid trying to cover it up: the truth will usually serve you better.

With honesty and transparency about your history, you stand a much greater chance of getting hired by FedEx.

Will A FedEx Background Check Show Up On My Credit Report?

Most background checks for employment conducted by companies such as FedEx do not seek credit information.

They are simply looking to determine whether or not the person is a potential risk to employ.

However, there may be instances where a deeper background check is done that could include one’s credit score – typically when the job requires handling money.

Nonetheless, credit scores will remain confidential for most jobs and are not revealed during a background check.

Typically employers do not see judgments or outstanding debts on reports – rather they are just seeking to find out if these would pose a problem in terms of the potential hire’s trustworthiness.

How Do I Know If I Passed My FedEx Background Check?

If you successfully passed your FedEx background check, you should receive an email confirmation from FedEx.

Alternatively, if any issues prevent you from passing the background check, FedEx will contact you for further review.

The best way to stay up-to-date on the status of your background check is to keep checking your email and FedEx’s website for any updates.

It is also recommended that you keep track of any documents or information gathered for the background check in case further clarification is needed.

Can You Appeal If Your FedEx Background Check Is Unfavorable?

Yes! If your background check is unfavorable and results in a denial of employment with FedEx, you can appeal by providing additional documentation related to your case such as court records or letters of explanation from yourself or other parties involved in any alleged incident that appears on your report.

It’s important to note that each case is treated individually, so there’s no guarantee that an appeal will result in your being hired by FedEx; however, it is worth noting that appeals can be successful in certain cases.


Overall, it’s important to note that FedEx performs extensive background checks on all applicants before they can be hired into their positions.

The ground-breaking support technology employed by FedEx adds an extra layer of security for both employees and customers by allowing previous work history to be thoroughly investigated before extending job opportunities.

In addition, its commitment to safety means careful consideration is given to any significant gaps when reviewing an applicant’s background data.

This helps them equip their workforce with the necessary tools to achieve success and drive the business forward globally.

Be sure to read up on what kind of information is being checked before applying so that you can best prepare yourself for the process.

Understanding how long it takes and what types of information are being looked at could help make your experience much smoother and more successful in the long run. Good luck!

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