How Much Does Pizza Hut Pay in 2022?

Pizza Hut is one of the largest pizza chains in the world. They have over 18,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

As with most large companies, Pizza Hut has a variety of jobs available for those interested in working for them.

But how much does Pizza Hut pay? That’s what we’re going to explore in this guide.

We’ll take a look at the salaries for various positions at Pizza Hut.

So, if you’re thinking about working for Pizza Hut, read on!

How much does Pizza Hut pay an hour?

The average Pizza Hut hourly pay rate is $12. Entry-level positions such as team members start at $10 per hour, while experienced general managers earn up to $19.15 per hour.

Pizza Hut also offers benefits like discounts on food and flexible scheduling options.

If you are interested in earning more money at Pizza Hut, consider applying for a management position. Managers typically make $13.65 to $19.15 per hour.

Salaries are frequently varied throughout the country. As a result, you can anticipate that earnings in Pizza Hut are affected by the restaurant’s location.

Starting Salaries at Pizza Hut

There are significant variances in the compensation received by Pizza Hut employees, as you would expect.

As with other pizza company chains, the pay rate is mainly determined by each employee’s job, obligations, and responsibilities. To put it another way, different occupations result in varying salaries.

For example, a pizza cook may earn anywhere from $11.95 to $12.40 per hour, while the general manager might make up to $19.15 per hour.

Team member

The average salary for Pizza Hut team members is $26,500. The hourly pay of team members is $10. However, your pay can increase with experience and additional training.

Pizza Hut team members’ duties include taking customer orders, preparing the pizzas, serving the customers, and receiving payments from customers at the cash register. They may also be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the restaurant.

Delivery driver

Pizza Hut delivery drivers are responsible for ensuring that orders are delivered to customers on time. They must also be able to answer any customers’ questions about their order. Delivery drivers must also be able to operate a vehicle safely to make deliveries.

A typical delivery driver at Pizza Hut makes around $32,450 per year. The hourly pay of delivery drivers is $15.80.


Pizza Hut’s servers have essential duties, but one of their most crucial is greeting customers and taking their orders. Therefore, they need to be able to work quickly and efficiently while still providing excellent customer service.

Servers also need to be able to keep up with the demands of the kitchen, so they need to be organized and efficient.

Pizza Hut servers make an average salary of $32,900 per year. Their hourly pay rate varies depending on their experience and location, but typically is $10.9 an hour.

Pizza cook

Pizza Hut’s pizza cooks are responsible for preparing and cooking the restaurant’s pizzas. Therefore, they must be able to follow recipe instructions, work quickly and efficiently, and keep the kitchen clean.

Pizza cooks may also be responsible for cleaning dishes and other kitchen equipment.

In terms of pay, pizza cooks make an average annual salary of $38,500 and an average hourly wage of $12.40.

Shift leader

Pizza Hut’s shift leader oversees the entire restaurant during their shift. This includes ensuring that all employees follow company policies and procedures, prepare and serve food, and clean the restaurant.

Shift leaders may also be responsible for cash handling and inventory.

Significantly, shift leaders make an annual salary of $29,500. They also earn an hourly wage of $11.

Assistant manager

An assistant manager at Pizza Hut is responsible for overseeing the employees’ work and ensuring that customers are satisfied with their orders. They also ensure that all safety procedures are followed in the restaurant.

Additionally, they may be responsible for increasing sales and reducing the total expenses of the restaurant’s operations.

The assistant manager typically works with the general manager to create and enforce policies.

Assistant managers make over $30,000 per year. Their hourly pay rate is $13.65.

General manager

A general manager at Pizza Hut is responsible for overseeing all restaurant operations. This includes ensuring that food is prepared and served according to company standards, managing staff, and maintaining inventory.

Additionally, a general manager may be responsible for marketing and financial oversight.

On average, Pizza Hut general managers make an annual salary of around $40,500. Pizza Hut also offers a competitive hourly pay rate for their general managers.

In most cases, general managers at Pizza Hut earn $19.15 per hour. This makes Pizza Hut a great place to work for those looking for a career in management.

Pizza Hut Employee Benefits

In addition to a competitive salary, Pizza Hut also offers several employee benefits, including:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Employee discounts
  • Overtime pay
  • Workers’ compensation

Pizza Hut is an equal opportunity employer and offers a drug-free work environment.


Pizza Hut is a well-known company with many opportunities for those looking to work in the food industry.

The salaries for various positions are competitive and give employees a chance to grow within the company.

Pizza Hut is a great place to start your career in the restaurant industry. With its flexible hours and competitive pay, Pizza Hut is an excellent option for people looking for a steady income.

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