How to Build a Mining Rig: An Easy Step by Step Guide

Cryptocurrency is a hot commodity these days. Bitcoin has been skyrocketing in value, and people who bought when the price was low are now reaping huge rewards from their trading decisions.

New technology always provides new ways to make money. For example, one of the more exciting and potentially lucrative options right now is mining for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin with your computer’s GPU or CPU power to generate them through solving complex problems using algorithms (a process called “mining”).

In a world where fiat currency is no longer king, cryptocurrency has become the way of tomorrow. The potential for profit from mining these coins can be astounding, and few people know this better than professional miners!

It’s a jungle out there! But, miners are fighting for that crypto, and they’re not going to give up their spots. It doesn’t matter if you have the best equipment or know-how anyone with even half an ounce of ambition can get in on this action because it only takes one block to make history, so go ahead, put your money where your mouth is by mining today.

The pursuit for digital gold has led to a wild west-like atmosphere as individuals, mining pools, and well-resourced companies battle it out in an attempt at securing blocks.

The cryptocurrency craze is taking the world by storm, and there’s never been a better time to get on board. So the race to mine cryptocurrency is on. But if you want a piece of the pie, it’s all about how well your rig can perform and what kind of efficiency it can achieve.

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Cryptocurrency is a hot new trend, and it’s not going away anytime soon. In this article, we’ll show you how to get started with crypto mining and build your own cryptocurrency mining rig!

Types of Mining Rigs

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, there are three different types of mining rigs. The most popular type is GPU, with ASIC and CPU following close behind as well.

Each has its own set of pros and cons to consider when deciding which is best for you. So let’s take a look at them one by one!

Each type of mining rig can be used for specific purposes depending on the user’s needs at any given time:


With the rise of cryptocurrencies, many people are mining for coins in their homes or office. CPU mining rigs are comprised of processors that are used to “mine” data from the blockchain.

These are really simple and inexpensive setups – when most people refer to CPU mining, they mean mining cryptocurrency directly from their computer. This offers several advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of CPU mining rigs are apparent. There’s no debating which is more prevalent – there are many more positives to list!

The days of CPU mining are coming to an end as more people discover its drawbacks. One of the more prominent reasons for this, though? It’s costly to use your computer as a miner: not only will you be spending tons on electricity bills near-constantly (or even having them skyrocket), but if anything goes wrong with cooling or overheating, then good luck trying to get things back up running again!

It is expensive, inefficient, and can cause overheating, leading many users with extensive knowledge of how computers work today towards a different, entirely different approach – GPU Mining!

No matter whether you have a few dollars or thousands of dollars to invest in mining, it’s never too late! GPU mining is energy-consuming, so if your computer isn’t powerful enough for that, then the CPU might be perfect.

The main advantage of CPU mining is that it can be done on the fly. You could download a few programs (more in later) and start generating crypto immediately, without having to invest anything at all!

In other words, the CPU method of mining has a lot going for it. You can download and start crunching right this instant, which is excellent if you don’t want to invest money in expensive hardware or time-consuming installation processes.

This makes this method popular among those who don’t want any financial risk involved in cryptocurrency mining or investing.

It can get started immediately with as little effort from users as possible – all they’ll need to do is download programs to their desktops or laptops (we suggest you not to mine on laptops, they’re cooling sucks!).

Plus, with zero investment needed, there’s nothing stopping anyone from giving crypto coins another go!


GPU mining rigs are the gold standard for people looking to build their own cryptocurrency mining rig.

GPU mining rigs are among the most popular crypto mining methods out there – anyone from an individual miner to corporations, with farms in various sizes tends to use them. Therefore, GPU mining rigs are a popular way to make money in crypto.

GPU mining rigs have been a clever choice for those looking to use their graphics card to mine data from the blockchain. This is because they are a lot faster and more efficient than CPUs.

The difference between a dedicated and simple miner can sometimes seem like night and day. This is because dedicated mining rigs are made with one purpose in mind, cryptocurrency mining for popular coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. In contrast, simple miners do other things on their side (e.g., desktop computers) and engage in crypto mining only when needed to make money!

People love GPU mining rigs because they are so much more than just a glorified video card. The GPU mining rigs are a godsend. They do the job, and they’re not just efficient, but also sleek looking!

Each rig has its own unique design that makes it stand out from other models on offer – whether you want something small for home use or big enough to take around to a mining farm as well – there’s an option available that will suit all of your needs.

These GPU mining rigs have the power and efficiency of CPUs coupled with virtually limitless processing potential, making them perfect for any mining task!

GPU mining with many graphics cards in one mining rig has been getting more and more popular, so it’s no surprise that the best results come out when you put in your maximum amount.

Why wouldn’t you want to get the best results? Even with just one GPU card running on a simple rig, there will be noticeable differences!

GPU mining rigs can be a costly endeavor for those who want the best of the best. They’re also not as simple to set up and troubleshoot, which makes them more difficult to maintain over time if something were ever wrong with one. However, there are some other downsides: price being high or even prohibitive and require some maintenance work on an ongoing basis. In addition, power supplies may also need replacing periodically.

In short, graphics cards can make an initial investment significant for those looking at how to build the mining rig themselves. Moreover, they also require maintenance; lots of cooling and plenty of electricity are usually needed to keep them running smoothly without too many hiccups along the way!

However, GPU mining rigs might be worth considering if you care about your investment and know-how to look after them.


The best way to mine cryptocurrencies professionally is with an ASIC, or Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. These devices are designed explicitly for one purpose and can help you make money by mining your chosen cryptocurrency.

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining rigs, ASICs are the current top dogs. However, someone who wants to know how to build their own should know that they’re not actually called “rigs,” per se.

ASICs can be purchased as dedicated machines specifically meant for crypto-mining purposes only. However, ASIC miners make up an integral part when you set out on building an ASIC miner capable of obliterating your competitors’ mining equipment.

With the popularity of ASICs, it’s no wonder that they’re becoming more and more scarce. However, many people are drawn to ASIC miners because it offers them a chance at making money quickly.

However, cryptocurrencies are not for the faint of heart. Mining them requires a lot of power, time investment, and equipment that many cannot afford or don’t have room in their home for all this gear – but if you’re looking to make money off crypto, then acquiring an ASIC is almost certainly your best bet!

However, if your concern is preserving and supporting the crypto ecosystem as a whole (not just yourself), think twice before purchasing one of these costly machines!

ASICs have a reputation for being a powerful type of mining rig that can cause trouble with other types of rigs. In addition, they’re controversial because some people don’t like how they dominate the market and throw off balance those who use other types of rigs as opposed to buying or building an entirely new system, including graphics cards or CPUs.

Nevertheless, as controversy swirls around ASIC mining rigs, it is essential to keep in mind that these powerful machines also provide significant benefits.

We have discussed the three different types of mining rigs, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Mining rigs are the way to go for those looking to get in on this hot property. So now that you know the main types of mining rigs and their pros and cons, we can get down to business: How to build a mining rig?

How to Build a Cryptocurrency Mining Rig

When you’re thinking about how to build a mining rig, one of the first things that come into mind is whether or not it’s going to be an ASIC.

As we discussed previously, three main types of devices need consideration. GPU rigs require the construction of individual GPUs and can be similar in design or completely different depending on your preference. Whereas, ASICs don’t have any initial parts since everything is built into them (no assembly required).

CPU-based assemblies will generally be similar to their equivalent GPU counterpart. CPU rigs work the same way as their GPU counterparts except for one key difference – the added component of a CPU rather than a GPU.


The best way to build a mining rig is by starting with the right parts. It’s vital that you plan your purchases and not buy too little or more than what will be needed for optimal performance.

Building a mining rig is not cheap. Not only are you buying the hardware, but also all of its accompanying power supplies and cooling systems to keep it running smoothly with minimal errors in operation—you’ll need patience too!

What considerations should you make when building your own crypto mining rig?

Consider these three points:

First off – It’s going to cost plenty; don’t expect this endeavor will come easy on your wallet or that any free time left over after work can be used for researching parts without fear they won’t deliver what was promised by retailers online (especially if there’s shipping involved).

Secondly – bear in mind how much juice each individual piece requires, especially during peak times such as when your rig is actively mining.

Thirdly, think about how much space you have available and whether or not everything will fit in its designated spot.

Don’t go purchasing parts without knowing precisely what you need to help keep the electricity costs low and affordable while providing enough power necessary for running multiple components at once. Also, consider your cooling requirements. Mining rigs are hot, so you’ll need to find effective ways of keeping them cool or risk frying the machines. It is ideal to build a mining rig in an open space with plenty of airflows to keep it operating at its best.


BTC-D37 Mining Motherboard Best Value

If you’re struggling to make a decision as to what motherboard CPU set you should buy, fret no more.

The BTC-D37 Mining Motherboard is the perfect solution for cost-efficient mining machines with low power consumption and low heat generation, making it great for daily use too.

GIGABYTE GA-H110-D3A (rev. 1.0) LGA 1151 Intel H110 ATX Motherboard Best Value

Designed to be the heart of your mining rig, this motherboard was made for graphics cards.

There is a BIOS with an integrated “mining mode” that recognizes all six graphics cards in your rig automatically.

This motherboard ensures your hashing power makes a wonderful sound when it’s turned on!

The motherboard is one of the essential components in your rig. It determines what other parts can be used with it and how well they work together to provide optimal performance for mining, gaming, or everyday tasks.

When choosing between different motherboards, make sure that any graphics cards you want to be installed go along with this first motherboard choice before checking out others so avoid getting stuck having compatibility issues later down the line!

If you want a good-quality mining rig with compatible hardware, make sure to check which motherboards work best for graphics cards before buying any individual components.

A motherboard with multiple GPU slots is essential to get the most out of your mining rig. You need one that can support at least six graphics cards for optimal performance, so look carefully before buying!

The more GPUs you can fit onto your motherboard, the better. You want a hearty bundle that can accommodate up to six cards in total without feeling too hot or cramped on the inside of it.


Intel G3930 7th Gen Celeron Processor Best Value

Ready for some jaw-dropping mining? This processor will stand up to some serious GPU power.

A simple but reliable Intel CPU is employed in a large number of mining rigs today
On a single device, it will support up to 16 PCI channels (16 GPUs)
Its low cost and dependability make it the primary choice for miners
This CPU includes a heatsink and fan
Compatibility with LGA 1151 motherboards

The processor is what makes or breaks your mining rig and will determine how smoothly it runs. A good one can help you avoid any significant faults or errors.

Keep in mind that mining rigs are designed for the GPU, not CPUs. This is because CPUs are too slow to compete with ASICs and mining rigs running six top-of-the-line GPUs.

CPU mining is the process of using your computer’s processor to generate hashes.

CPU mining is a thing of the past. However, it’s not just your computer; you need dedicated hardware to make any profit these days, and that costs money!

You can’t beat the processing power of a purpose-built ASIC or mining rig running six top-of-line GPUs. CPU Mining just isn’t powerful enough to compete with these high-end technologies that have been around for years and will continue to be used because they are so efficient at what they do – generating cryptocurrency through sheer force alone!

Overspending on a CPU will only hurt your mining profits inefficiency-wise since it’s not doing much work anyway!

Cryptocurrencies are vying to be an outlet for those who can’t afford the high costs of mining, but some digital currencies go above and beyond others. One such cryptocurrency is Monero which was created to make itself ASIC resistant to keep its decentralized nature alive, so everyone has access regardless if they have more money or not.

The most important part of setting up a mining rig is getting good GPUs, not just any old graphics cards will do.


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One of the most common ways to mine cryptocurrencies is by using a graphics processing unit. GPUs are powerful and efficient at performing mathematical calculations, making them uniquely suited for cryptocurrency mining operations; they can sometimes even be found in high-end gaming rigs!

The best way to get started is by choosing the right GPU. You can’t just buy one and expect it will work, but finding out your needs before buying might save some hassle later on down the road with compatibility issues or other problems!

The graphics cards are an essential part of your rig. They determine whether or not you’re going to get the most out of mining, so make sure that what you pick suits your needs! The two leading companies producing and selling graphic processing units (GPUs) right now are Nvidia and AMD.


2000W 110-240V Power Supply With 12 X 6+2 pin VGA Cables Best Value

Looking to mine Bitcoins? Let this power supply help you turn your dreams into cryptocurrency.

Enough power for 6+ GPUs to mine whatever cryptocurrency strikes your fancy, all at the same time!

EVGA 650W B5 80 PLUS Bronze Fully Modular Power Supply Best Value

The EVGA B5 power supplies are a favorite with mining enthusiasts for their reliability, performance, and affordability.

They can be recognized by their small chassis and fully modular design.

The semi-silent 135mm Fluid-Dynamic Bearing fan gets as quiet as possible when combined with ECO mode to turn the fan off under medium and low loads.

Build a cryptocurrency mining rig from scratch? Yeah, we know the drill.

It’s time to buy a power supply! This is especially true if you have multiple graphics cards and need the extra juice.

An often overlooked component of your mining rig is the power supply. There are several factors that determine what kind you’ll want. Still, usually, it’s up to how beefy or powerful-functioning everything else on board will be in relation to its own requirements.

If you want to be a successful miner, it is of utmost importance that your power supply can handle all those GPUs and CPUs.

Building a mining rig is similar to building any other PC in that you need power for all of the components. However, since these machines are so powerful as your typical desktop computer, it’s crucial to provide enough juice and make sure energy consumption doesn’t cost too much money!

You need to decide if this is going to be a high-end, heavy-duty setup with multiple PSUs or something more casual but still needs quality parts like GPUs (or other hardware).

You’ll need to run power throughout the rig, including for all those GPUs, but don’t forget about your CPU or motherboard either!

Building a mining rig is not only about the components. Of course, you need enough power for all that horsepower, but also keep in mind your own energy consumption and profit equation when deciding how much juice you’ll want to feed each component!

PSUs are crucial to the success of your mining PC, and it’s important that you buy quality PSUs. The cheapest PSU will only last so long before giving out on you and causing damage or shutting down completely!

Before you buy a power supply, also consider the modular nature because it will make your mining rig easier to manage. You don’t want all those wires hanging out and getting tangled up!

Case (Frame)

Veddha V3D 8-GPU Mining Case Aluminum Best Value

Designed by Veddha Precision Creative, a group of geniuses passionate about cryptocurrency mining.

A sturdy aluminum alloy structure ensures stability and sustainable performance. It can work 24/7 without frequent maintenance under real working conditions to ensure excellent cooling performance.

This 8-GPU Mining Case Aluminum represents Veddha’s absolute pinnacle of product innovation, enjoy it now!

Veddha V3C 6-GPU Mining Case Aluminum Best Value

The Veddha Aluminum mining chassis is the sleekest, most elegant GPU case you can buy. Show off your 6 mighty GPUs with its aluminum shell.

Not only does it have enough space for all your GPUs and motherboard, but it leaves plenty of room for upgrades in the future, so you never have to worry about running out of space again.

So you need a frame for your rig. You can’t just have all those GPUs lying around; they’re going to need a home of their own.

That’s not going to be easy, though—you can’t just fit all those GPUs in an average PC case, and they’re going to take up too much space!

If you’re looking for a mining rig frame, there are many different styles and options available. It’s important to choose one that will last the test of time while still being sturdy enough so it can hold your whole device together!

Simply keep in mind that your frame should have at least as many slots as your rig’s GPUs, and you’ll need to ensure that it fits wherever you intend to store it in your home.


Mining is a demanding and rigorous process, so it’s crucial to have the best cooling possible. Make sure you’re investing in quality fans or liquid-watercooling systems which will keep your device running smoothly without any overheating or crashes!

PCI-e Riser

One of the unique parts of building a cryptocurrency mining rig is fitting in PCI-E risers. A mining rig varies from a standard PC in that you cannot directly connect all of the graphics cards to the motherboard; instead, you use these risers to link them indirectly.

You’ll require one of these for each card you attach (apart from the card that is inserted into the x16 PCI-e slot.)

We strongly advise against the use of non-powered risers. If you do, you may have stability issues while using them in cryptomining rigs.


In the world of cryptocurrency, there’s the most robust mining machine in town, and it’s called ASIC. ASICs are quite strong, and they top the pack in terms of hash generation.

Additionally, they are prohibitively expensive, easily obsoleted by newer models, and somewhat contentious in terms of capability.

Some people think that mining is a gamble, but these devices are compelling in that they can fundamentally transform the cryptocurrency landscapes in which they operate.

They out-hash the majority of home-built rigs and are prohibitively pricey for the average miner.

Antminer S19 Pro Best Value

Manufacturer: Bitmain
Hashrate: 110 TH/s
Power consumption: 3250W
Price: $17,999.99

WhatsMiner M30S++ Best Value

Manufacturer: MicroBT
Hashrate: 112 TH/s
Power consumption: 3472W
Price: $10,000

Dragonmint T1 Best Value

Manufacturer: Halong Mining
Hashrate: 16 TH/s
Power consumption: 1480W
Price: $2,729

Antminer S19

Manufacturer: Bitmain
Hashrate: 95 TH/s
Power consumption: 3250W
Price: $8,499.00

And even if a miner is willing to invest several thousand dollars in a powerful ASIC, more prominent companies and others with significant resources may acquire enough ASICs to eliminate your chances of winning a block effectively.

However, keep your eyes peeled for the affordable ASCI hardware machines!

Avalon 6 

Manufacturer: Canaan
Hashrate: 3.5 TH/s
Power consumption: 1050W
Price: $249.99

Antminer S5

Manufacturer: Bitmain
Hashrate: 1.155 TH/s
Power consumption: 590W
Price: $299

Antminer D3

Manufacturer: Bitmain
Hashrate: 19.3 GH/s
Power consumption: 1350W
Price: $469.99

Antminer T9+

Manufacturer: Bitmain
Hashrate: 10.5 TH/s
Power consumption: 1332W
Price: $629.99

Nonetheless, if you can afford a top-of-the-line ASIC, go right ahead! A top-of-the-line ASICS will provide you with more hashing power to maximize profits!

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The Process of Building your Mining Rig

It’s time to get building! All the parts are acquired, and now it’s up to our hands.

To be honest, the construction process is relatively simple. Let’s discuss how to build a mining rig.

The initial step is to install the motherboard within the mining rig frame. However, building a mining rig gets significantly easier if you’ve already chosen an excellent location for the rig to reside, so pick a decent location in advance.

After configuring the motherboard, connect the cords to the CPU. Next, configure the graphics cards and other required hardware, as well as the wires.

Once the hardware is installed, double-check the cable routing and, if everything is in order, it’s time to proceed to the software.

Depending on the software you use, your rig may include a few more advanced features or could be absolutely simple. However, fancy does not always mean good, so choose software that is secure, has a positive reputation, and functions properly.

The internet is a fantastic resource for finding and reviewing cryptocurrency mining software. However, when considering how to build a mining rig, software must not be overlooked – good software is frequently what makes or kills a mining rig.

Upon installing the software, customize the options and continue with the setup. Your machine may require several reboots before it is completely working, so be patient.

Congratulations! Now you’re ready for the world of cryptocurrency mining.

After you’ve completed all of this, it’s time to get mining! You can now start your job as a professional cryptocurrency miner.

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