How To Use Shein Points? (Get The Most Out Of Them + More)

Have you heard of Shein points? If not, you’re not alone.

Shein points are a loyalty program used by the fashion retailer Shein to reward their customers for shopping with them.

Shein points are an excellent way for customers to save money when shopping online.

With Shein points, you can get discounts and rewards for purchases on their website.

But how do you make the most of your Shein points? Read on to find out more about this innovative rewards program.

How To Use Shein Points?

Maximizing your Shein points is the best way to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Fortunately, there are many simple ways to earn these valuable points, like making purchases on Shein, referring friends, or rating items you’ve purchased.

Keep in mind that every Shein point you earn is active for up to 12 months after purchase and non-transferable.

Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them in exchange for discounts on your next purchase.

What Are Shein Points?

Shein points are a worldwide loyalty rewards program created by Shein, a global e-commerce giant.

With Shein points, customers can accumulate points from purchases, referrals, and reviews that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

Customers who have created an account with Shein can use the points to get discounts at checkout or even redeem them for exclusive prizes.

Every time a purchase is made with an account, customers earn 1 Shein point for every dollar spent at the store.

With these points, customers can save up to 50% off their next order – making it a great incentive to shop at the retailer.

By accumulating points over time, you can cash in for exclusive discounts, complimentary VIP services, and many more attractive offers.

While some stores offer discount programs in the form of codes and coupons, Shein offers its customers something unique: loyalty points that will keep them coming back for more.

What Can I Buy With Shein Points?

Shein points are a fantastic way to add more value to your online shopping experience. Shein offers its customers the opportunity to earn points in exchange for shopping with them.

With Shein points, you can use your reward dollars to purchase many items, such as clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Whether searching for a timeless piece of apparel or something fresh off the runway, you can find yourself discovering top-trending and designated exclusive products that fit your taste.

Shein points allow customers to stay within their budget and enjoy trendy and stylish clothes at a fraction of the cost.

What Are Ways To Earn Shein Points?

Do you know about Shein points? Are you looking for ways to earn them quickly and easily?

Shein points can be a great way to save money on your purchases. They’re like rewards points, only better – they never expire, so you can use them any time!

In this section, we’ll provide helpful tips on how to increase your Shein Point balance fast while enjoying more savings.

So buckle up, and let’s start learning the secrets of earning Shein points now!

Sign Up For An Shein Account

The first step in maximizing your Shein points is signing up for an account. The sign-up process is free and easy to do.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to start earning points with every purchase you make. You will also receive discounts and special offers only available to program members.

Earn Points With Every Purchase

The easiest way to earn points with Shein is by making purchases on their website. You will earn one point for each dollar you spend on Shein products.

Verify Your Email

You can earn 100 points by verifying your email on your profile page, writing product reviews, or participating in certain site activities.

Download The Shein App

If you want to get the most out of your online shopping experience, downloading the Shein app is a great first step. Not only will it give you access to the latest styles and unbeatable deals, but it comes with the added bonus of giving you 10 points just for signing up.

Get Rewarded For Your Referrals

As a bonus, you and your friend will benefit from the referral program — you’ll earn 100 points for every successful referral who makes a purchase, and your referred friend will receive 10% off of their first order.

Earn Rewards For Checking In To Shein

Checking in regularly to the Shein app is a great way to keep organized, stay informed, and take advantage of helpful resources. Plus, if you check in every day, you can earn 1 point!

Confirm The Delivery Of Your Order

Once your order arrives, you can confirm delivery of the order and be rewarded with 10 points that can be redeemed on future purchases.

Make sure to check your account regularly to make sure your points have been credited accordingly.

Watch Shein Live For Exclusive Discounts

With 5 points for every Shein Live you watch, you can quickly accumulate enough for substantial savings on your next purchase.

Keep in mind that with each point earned, the you come closer to accessing exclusive discounts and promotional offers from Shein. So be sure to use this innovative feature to make the most of your shopping experience.

Get The Twice The Value For Your Loyalty

Additionally, there are often special promotions where you can earn double or triple the usual amount of points when making a purchase.

What Are Ways To Spend Your Shein Points?

When it comes time to redeem your points, plenty of options are available! You can choose from discounts on your next purchase, exclusive coupons and deals, unique gifts like t-shirts and hats, or even cash-back rewards!

The best part about redeeming your points is that they never expire, so if you don’t have anything in mind right now, just save them up until something catches your eye!

Do Shein Points Expire?

Shein points are an attractive addition to online shopping, but it is essential to carefully monitor your points’ expiration date to make the most out of them.

Shein points may have different expiration dates depending on how they were earned, though there will be no doubt when they were awarded as a notification with this information will always be included.

Generally, points range from lasting 7 days to up to 3 months, but there are some that may even extend further beyond that.

To avoid disappointment, customers should check the expiry date regularly and ensure their points are redeemed within the given time frame – if not, those points will be erased from the account.

Are Shein Points Transferable?

There is an important detail to keep in mind for those who have been rewarded with Shein points for shopping at the store – sadly, these points are not transferable.

This means that shoppers cannot move or share any points they have earned with someone else’s Shein account and can only use them on their own profile.

Despite this limitation, joining the program still offers the chance to save money on future orders and exclusive discounts, which are applied automatically during checkout on the official website.

How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Shein Points?

As a Shein member, you can access exclusive offers and discounts that make shopping even more rewarding.

You can unlock even more money-saving rewards by collecting points through purchases, reviewing products, and participating in promotional activities.

The best way to optimize your Shein points is by staying aware of opportunities to accumulate them whenever possible.

Keeping up with the giveaways, coupons, and specials not only nets you more points, but it may also save you money.

By taking advantage of these programs, you can maximize your savings and get the most out of your Shein experience.


Making the most out of your Shein points doesn’t have to be complicated; all it takes is a few simple steps!

By understanding how they’re earned and putting them toward special offers like discounts and sales (as well as combining them with other promotional offers), customers can maximize their savings when shopping online at Shein – allowing them more bang for their buck!

So go ahead—start earning and redeeming those points today!

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