Is ASOS A Good Brand? What To Look For When Shopping

ASOS is a global fashion retailer that has been around since 2000.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, it’s important to know what ASOS has to offer, so you can make an informed decision about what clothing and accessories are best for your needs.

So, is ASOS a good brand? Let’s look at some key points that make this brand stand out from the competition.

Is ASOS A Good Brand?

ASOS is an acclaimed fashion retailer focusing on young adults and transitioning from the teenage market.

Their extensive product range satisfies varying budgets, styles, and trends while also offering convenience to their customers with same-day shipping and free returns.

The company puts a great emphasis on curation, often partnering with exclusive brands such as Love Island or Femme Luxe to create fresh collections tailored to popular desire.

They also offer a 10% discount to students, have designed a ‘student homepage’ specifically for university students, and are constantly updating their portfolio of sustainable garments made from recycled materials.

Below all this, a strong foundation of customer service keeps ASOS loyal repeat customers and furthers its rise as one of the top fashion retailers in the world.

Why Is ASOS A Good Choice?

ASOS is a popular online retailer that caters to customers in many countries. With a wide variety of styles and items for all ages, genders, and sizes, ASOS has something for everyone.

Further, with excellent customer service, fast shipping times, secure payment methods, and a hassle-free return policy, ASOS makes shopping easy.

Unique collaborations and exclusive items make it even more desirable to buy from the website. The brand also features a blog section with valuable advice on fashion and lifestyle topics.

This blend of convenience and expertise makes ASOS an ideal option for shoppers worldwide.

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One of the things that make ASOS stand out is its variety. The company offers more than 850 brands and over 85,000 products, ranging from everyday basics to trend-driven pieces.

They have clothing and accessories for men, women, and children in sizes 4-28, so shoppers can find something to fit their body type.

The brand also offers its own line of makeup and beauty accessories like hair extensions, false eyelashes, and nail care products.

This selection ensures that shoppers have plenty of options when shopping at the store or browsing through their website.

In addition, they also have an extensive range of sizes — from petite to plus — so there’s something for everyone.

Are ASOS Clothes Good Quality?

ASOS also takes pride in offering high-quality products with excellent value for money.

The company has strict quality control guidelines in place to ensure that all garments produced meet their high standards before they are released onto the market.

They also use a variety of fabrics—including cotton, linen, wool, and silk — and their items are designed with both comfort and style in mind.

And the quality of these items is top-notch; the fabric used in their clothing is soft yet durable, while the makeup products are made with high-quality ingredients that won’t irritate skin or eyes.

As such, customers can rest assured knowing that they are getting clothing and accessories made from quality materials that will last them a while.

Price Point

Another great thing about ASOS is its price point. The company offers competitive prices on its items without sacrificing quality or selection.

They offer discounts throughout the year and free shipping on orders above £40.00 in the UK.

Additionally, they provide free returns within 28 days of purchase, so customers don’t have to worry about being stuck with something if it doesn’t fit or isn’t quite what they wanted.

Customer Service & Delivery Options

The customer service team at ASOS is available 24/7 via online chat to answer questions about orders, returns, exchanges, and more.

In addition, delivery options are always fast and reliable— standard delivery in the US is free if you’ve ordered more than $49.99 worth of items and takes 4-7 business days, while express delivery is priced at $8.99-$20.00 and takes 2 business days — so customers don’t have to worry about extra shipping costs.

This makes it easy to get the items you need quickly without paying extra fees.

Is ASOS Reliable?

ASOS takes customer satisfaction very seriously. One of their main priorities is providing reliable service to their customers, evidenced by their free returns policy, fast delivery options, and high-quality products.

Reviews show that ASOS is reliable when it comes to delivering orders quickly and providing helpful customer service agents who can assist with any queries.

Furthermore, their easy-to-navigate website makes searching for items simple so you can shop confidently. All these elements contribute to why ASOS is one of the top choices for fashion retailing worldwide.

Could ASOS Be Selling Fake Brands?

Shopping online can be daunting when it comes to the authentication of brands. Customers have to be aware and wary of potential scams and fakes.

ASOS puts its customers’ minds at ease with its policy that they only stock genuine products bought directly from the brands they offer.

With this, shoppers can confidently purchase items knowing their products are authentic and original.

On top of that, if a customer is not satisfied with an item they purchased, ASOS provides a full refund for any returns sent back.

With peace of mind and no hassle returns on all orders, you can trust that your purchases with ASOS are worry-free.

Does ASOS Promote Sustainable Practices?

ASOS is one of the fast-fashion brands leading the way in sustainability initiatives like using recycled or organic materials and investing in renewable energy sources.

Even though ASOS has implemented several initiatives to reduce and recycle packaging and invest in renewable energy sources, the reality is that many of the clothes they sell are still produced in sweatshops in less developed countries.

ASOS has been subject to scrutiny over its ethical practices. Much of the criticism centers on the quality of labor used in ASOS’s manufacturing process and whether or not their workers are receiving fair compensation.

This has caused a series of debates on whether the company is acting ethically and if they meet modern standards for corporate social responsibility.

Even with more and more people becoming concerned about ethical shopping, ASOS continues to grow year over year and prove itself as a viable contender in this ever-evolving market.

While there are shortcomings with how ASOS operates, as with any company, it remains to be seen if they will take active steps to improve or remain stagnant.

As such, it can be argued that while there is certainly potential for some progress towards sustainability within ASOS, they still have some way to go before they can truly call themselves “sustainable.”


Overall, it’s clear why many people consider ASOS a good brand — it offers fashionable items in a wide range of sizes at an affordable price point with excellent customer service and delivery options, plus sustainability efforts that promote environmental responsibility.

ASOS offers plenty to customers looking for stylish yet affordable clothing and accessories.

With their wide selection of sizes and styles, competitive prices, and commitment to quality control standards, it’s no wonder why this fashion retailer has become so popular over the years!

Whether you’re looking for everyday basics or something more unique and trendy, ASOS should be your go-to destination for all your fashion needs!

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