10 Must-Have Gifts for Every James Bond Superfan

James Bond is one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. He is suave, sophisticated, and always knows how to get out of a challenging situation.

Keep reading if you are looking for the perfect gift for a James Bond fan!

In this guide, we will discuss 10 unique gifts that any 007 fan would love!

From action figures to watches, we have something for everyone. So sit back and relax while we take you through some of the best James Bond gifts on the market today!

The 10 Best James Bond Gifts & Merchandise

Everybody loves 007. Whether it’s for his suave intelligence, luxurious lifestyle, or remarkable gadgets, James Bond has reigned as one of the most iconic characters in modern film history.

And if you know a fan of this formidable spy, then we have just the perfect gifts and merchandise to share!

We’ve searched far and wide through the world of merchandise to bring a compilation of only the best James Bond gifts and merch out there – ideally suited for any super-spy fan in your life!

So get ready to suit up – these items are sure to make them feel like an undercover agent on their own mission.

1. James Bond Golden Gun Magnet

James Bond Golden Gun Magnet

Are you a fan of James Bond? Step into the world of 007 with this spectacular mini replica of the iconic Golden Gun from The Man With The Golden Gun, recreated to exact detail in a three-dimensional magnet.

At just 50mm x 31mm and with stunning gold plating, this isn’t your standard fridge magnet – it’s something special! And what’s more, it’s an exclusive to the 007Store – no one else can stock this stylish and iconic take on one of cinema’s most devious weapons.

The elaborately disguised weapon was made up of several seemingly innocuous pieces, allowing Scaramanga to hide it away and carry it wherever he went – with its replica version now available to you!

Show off your taste for the finer details with this sleek, golden take on a classic weapon. It’s sure to turn heads and stand out no matter where you choose place it.

2. Personalised James Bond 007 ID Card

Personalised James Bond 007 ID Card

Do you want to live out the fantasy of a secret agent? With the Personalised James Bond 007 ID Card, you can experience the thrill of agent espionage without leaving your home.

Every detail is based on film props straight from the Bond archive – even the hologram security area and rear watermark design are exactly like those Bond wore in his many missions.

This genuine acrylic card will make all your dreams come true, complete with a printed picture, hologram security area, and rear watermark design.

Make your card yours by customizing it with a picture of yourself and your name, or go full out secret service and keep the identity of James Bond. It’ll be just like having an official MI6 identification card!

Either way, you’ll have an authentic acrylic Personalised James Bond ID Card presented in a clear plastic holder with a black cord lanyard that will make you feel like you’re ready to save the day.

Showcasing the epitome of a spy look, this item allows you to become part of that cherished universe or even keep up with invisible identity of 007 himself!

Let the Personalised James Bond 007 ID Card help you (safely!) live out your secret agent fantasies.

3. James Bond 007 Personalised Leather-covered Poker Set

James Bond 007 Personalised Leather-covered Poker Set

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and luxurious gift to complete your games night, then the James Bond 007 Personalised Leather-Covered Poker Set has it all.
£395.00 Buy this item

Crafted from fine leather with a compartmentalised interior lined with luxurious red velvet, this set is sure to be the highlight of any evening.

The lid is magnetic and carries the iconic 007 logo, while you can personalise the case with your own name or initials for that special touch.

With two packs of poker-sized playing cards, 200 14g poker chips (25 per colour) plus two marbled chips and four solid brass dice, this truly is the ideal way to bring friends and family together over an entertaining game of cards.

This stunning set will add sophistication and style to any endeavor. Perfectly sized at L28cm x W20cm x H6cm, you can transport it from place to place or let it become a permanent fixture in your home; either way, the James Bond 007 Personalised Leather-covered Poker Set will bring out the 007 inside all of us.

For those who love classic style with a contemporary edge, look no further than the James Bond 007 Personalised Leather-Covered Poker Set for an unforgettable experience!

4. No.007 Eau De Parfum – By Floris London (100ml)

No.007 Eau De Parfum – By Floris London (100ml)

Are you ready for a slightly seductive scent that sparks intrigue? Then allow us to introduce No.007 Eau de Parfum from Floris London, the perfect way to add a breath of daring mystery to your daily routine.
£200.00 Buy this item

The signature unisex scent is distilled from 60 years of Bond on film and perfectly weaves together an aromatic story of juniper berry, Italian bergamot, red carnation, amber rum and Scottish oakmoss.

Wearing this amazing fragrance will bring a warmth and depthness that exudes style and sophistication. Swing open the door with No.007 Eau de Parfum and get ready for an adventure!

When spritzed on our skin, we can instantly be taken away on a whirlwind journey with it’s exhilarating note of juniper reminiscent of the infamous Vesper Martini.

Immediately followed by refreshing bursts made up of luminous bergamot, lemon and sweet orange – all inspired by iconic scenes in films such as From Russia With Love and Casino Royale.

Strengthened by a masculine base cologne featuring softly woody notes mixed with a stunningly musky amber makes No.007 unmistakably unique. 

It’s time to shine brighter than ever before! Take risks and make daring moves without worrying about anything else than living life to fullest with confident style – only with No.007 Eau de Parfum.

5. James Bond 007 Dry Martini Truffles (115g) – By Charbonnel et Walker

James Bond 007 Dry Martini Truffles (115g) – By Charbonnel et Walker

Do you consider yourself an agent of espionage and taste? Are you looking for more than just the ordinary truffle? Then look no further.

Take a journey and experience the iconic union of two world-renowned brands – James Bond and Charbonnel et Walker, with these exquisite James Bond 007 Dry Martini Truffles.

Exuding style, sophistication, and undeniable flavor, these delicate truffles are an excellent indulgence and a must-have for true Bond aficionados!

Luxurious, dark chocolate truffles expertly infused with vodka, gin, and a twist of lemon for an unmistakable martini-inspired flavor.

These treats come elegantly presented in Charbonnel et Walker’s signature “hat” box-style truffle drum carefully crafted from the finest quality ingredients, including a mix of dark chocolate, butter, and cocoa powder using no artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Impress your friends, family, and colleagues with this luxurious treat. Enjoy it on your own or share it with someone special to woo their palate – who knows how a snack such as this could impact your mission’s success?

Revel in the classic taste of James Bond 007 Dry Martini Truffles by Charbonnel et Walker; it’ll surely be shaken but never stirred!

6. James Bond 007 British Milk Chocolate Bar (80g) – By Charbonnel et Walker

James Bond 007 British Milk Chocolate Bar (80g) – By Charbonnel et Walker

This classy chocolate bar from Chardonnelet Walker and featuring the iconic James Bond 007 insignia is sure to delight even the most sophisticated palate.

The bar, presented in a luxurious union jack livery, is composed of three chunky fingers of delicious British milk chocolate surrounded by an airtight seal and presented in an elegant card case complete with embossed 007 and Charbonnel et Walker gold foil detailing.

This smooth classic confection uses only the finest ingredients like sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring to create a unique flavor and texture that will satisfy all your cravings for something sweet that still feels as luxurious as a night out at the theatre or dinner at a five-star restaurant.

Also, it’s easy to transport and share making it a fantastic gift for everyone on your list whether they love candy or are looking for a special treat.

The James Bond 007 British Milk Chocolate Bar sets a new standard for elegance and taste, making it great addition to any dining experience or just a quick snack with friends.

7. James Bond Jack The Bulldog Model – No Time To Die Edition – By Royal Doulton

James Bond Jack The Bulldog Model – No Time To Die Edition – By Royal Doulton

Get your paws on this limited-edition Royal Doulton Jack the Bulldog No Time To Die Edition! The beloved, understanding companion to infamous secret agent 007 – now immortalized in porcelain and with a glossy finish!

Experience the full power of grumpy-face Jack, complete with all the chips, cracks, and bumps lovingly replicated from his long journey as M’s loyal sidekick.

Eager to head off your naysayers? Show off your special edition dog with its unique code name DD 007 B printed on the base, and a certificate of authenticity, granting you proof that no one can match up to.

Ideal for those Bond fans at home or for those looking for that exclusive factor – Royal Doulton’s Jack the Bulldog is no ordinary pup!

It’s time to sass up your living room in true 007 style.

8. James Bond 007 Joe Sunglasses – El Nido / Old English Edition – By Barton Perreira

James Bond 007 Joe Sunglasses – El Nido / Old English Edition – By Barton Perreira

Get ready to take a timeless ride through the night and beyond with the James Bond 007 Joe Sunglasses – El Nido / Old English Edition.
£385.00 Buy this item

Handcrafted by Barton Perreira, this special edition of 007 Joe sunglasses offers an enchanting combination of deep ombre brown frame and dark brown polarised lenses, transporting you to the vivid colors and classy vibes of Havana’s El Nido bar scene.

Deftly designed in America, this exquisite pair of shades is expertly made from Japanese acetate, mechanical wiring, and glass that all come together to create a look that is as unique as it is attractive.

And with its weightless Zylonite material added in for superior comfort and flexibility, these sleek sunglasses are sure to become your go-to accessory every season.

They come embellished with iconic 007 temples inscribed on both sides — plus a limited edition case and cloth thrown in for good measure – allowing these stylish sunglasses to define your style statement with timeless James Bond charm like no other. It doesn’t get much cooler than that!

9. James Bond 60th Anniversary Print Box Set – Numbered Edition

Celebrate six decades of James Bond movies with this rare and exclusive collector’s item. This number edition of 1,962 is your chance to own a piece of Hollywood history!

The James Bond 60th Anniversary Print Box Set – Numbered Edition includes 26 lithographic prints from each of the official 25 films plus a special anniversary print and numbered certificate.

It all comes housed in an elegant keepsake black presentation box with an iconic gun barrel design for an added touch of sophistication.

This one-of-a-kind item is sure to be coveted by diehard fans and movie connoisseurs alike!

Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone special, the James Bond 60th Anniversary Print Box Set – Numbered Edition is the ultimate addition to any collection.

10. James Bond No Time To Die Linen Cotton Giubbino Jacket – By Connolly

James Bond No Time To Die Linen Cotton Giubbino Jacket – By Connolly

Make an unforgettable style statement with this timeless James Bond No Time To Die Linen Cotton Giubbino Jacket by Connolly.
£490.00 Buy this item

Designed to replicate the 1950s lightweight bomber jacket, the jacket is made of a luxurious blend of comfortable linen and cotton, making it lightweight and perfect for warmer occasions.

The details make all the difference — the unstructured, unlined design features a drawstring waist with internal toggles that allows you to adjust it for your own fit and style, a placket closure with large horn buttons, two button-down front pockets with flap tops, and a high notch collar that looks great with anything from t-shirts to dress shirts.

It’s also important to mention that each piece is handmade in northern Italy in limited quantities so you know you’re getting something special!

Not to mention the exclusive 007 label sewn into the interior – talk about quality! And when your garment arrives, it will come in its own special Giubbino jacket cover as a finishing touch.

Whether you’re roaring along asphalt highways or heading off on secret espionage missions, this classic collectible piece brings Bond’s timeless appeal straight into your wardrobe.


So, there you have it – our top 10 gift ideas for the James Bond fan in your life!

We hope that this guide has inspired you and helped you find the perfect present.

These are just a few of the many unique gifts that any James Bond fan would love to receive!

Every single one of these items is sure to put a smile on any diehard 007 fan’s face.

So, next time you’re stuck on what to get your favorite Bond fan, consider one of these great gift ideas.

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