Keevo Hardware Wallet Review 2022: The Future is Here

Keevo is the sleekest, smartest way to safeguard your digital assets. It has the perfect balance between excellence in craftsmanship and sensible innovation--you'll want one today!

The Model 1 is a next-generation crypto hardware wallet that combines state-of-the-art security with simplicity in design, recovery procedures, and recovery features – such as seedless recovery and trustless inheritance. With this high level of security, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your coins will be there when you wake up.

Never lose your cryptocurrencies again. The Keevo Model 1 is the best way to secure and manage your crypto assets.

Token & Coin Support: The luxury safe for your crypto

keevo cryptocurrencies supported
Keevo’s crypto wallet is a must-have for anyone who values convenience and security.

Keevo is the pinnacle of secure wallets. It’s made from zinc alloy and can support over 1000 tokens and coins at a time with a high-quality 2.8” touchscreen for quick access.

With Keevo, you can hold Ethereum and any ERC20 token. That means you’ll never have to worry about whether a popular token or coin is supported ever again.

Keevo offers the same security that other hardware wallets provide but with an aesthetic appeal for those looking to buy high-end products. The Founders Edition comes in a beautiful leather display box perfect for showing off your Model 1 (an expensive piece of tech, but totally worth it)!

Pricing: It’s time to take back control of your crypto

Available for $299 in its standard configuration or $399 in its Founders Edition configuration, the Model 1 is an elegant product, and it feels like you just bought yourself an expensive Swiss watch the moment you take it out of its box.

There’s no difference between either version (Standard and Founders) in terms of functionality or durability.

Keevo Model 1 Best Value

Keevo is a superbly elegant crafted flagship for your cryptocurrency.

It’s the perfect personalization for any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to safeguard digital assets securely and beautifully.

Keevo (Founder’s Edition) Luxury

Surround your Keevo Model 1 in a luxurious leather display box and treat yourself to an experience like no other.
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The Model 1 hardware wallet by Keevo is a high-end product, and it feels like you’re handling something that should cost more than $299 right out of the box.

keevo hardware wallet with flag
The Keevo hardware wallet is made right here in America – at the home of the brave and free.

Keevo is built and assembled in the United States but may be shipped to practically any country with a crypto-friendly government.

What’s the deal with Made in America? You know, those products that say “Made In USA” are on them, and people seem to pay top dollar for it. It turns out 60% of Chinese consumers prefer American-made goods!

The Made in America label is associated with high quality, for a good reason. Products manufactured here are usually built with higher-quality components that increase their longevity. Made In USA items can be trusted to work as advertised because we know how much American people love a great product!

Seedless Recovery: Your keys will never be in the wrong hands

Keevo is one of the most secure crypto wallets on the market. Private keys are never kept anywhere with Keevo’s ground-breaking Multi-Factor / Multi-Signature Authentication system and dual-chip design. Rather than that, they are generated for each transaction when three of the four factors are used to authenticate.

keevo multi-factor security
Keevo’s four-factor authentication provides a level of security that would be difficult for even the most experienced hacker.

Keevo is reinventing the paper wallet by introducing its paperless hardware solution, making it secure and modern. Notably, Keevo’s revolutionary Carbon Key mechanism enables secure wallet restoration without the need to store a seed phrase.

With Keevo’s paperless recovery option, you may securely retain your encrypted password and fingerprint on your Carbon Key, together with a fourth unique key share.

keevo carbon key
Keevo will make sure that your secured crypto stays in safe hands with its Carbon Key.

If you require an additional layer of protection, Keevo offers a Carbon Key storage solution in collaboration with Iron Mountain.

Keep your private keys safe and out of sight with Keevo’s Multi-Factor / Multi-Signature Authentication system! 

Trustless Inheritance: Your family will thank you later

Dying should be easy. That’s why Keevo has made it simple for you and your beneficiaries to ensure your crypto doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Keevo Model 1 is the world’s first hardware wallet that enables you to securely and privately transmit your cryptocurrency to your heirs. As a result, your digital assets can be passed on to the next generation with ease.

There is no reason why you should reveal your private keys. Simply designate a beneficiary and instruct them to encrypt their password and fingerprint using your Keevo Carbon Key.

keevo trustless inheritance
Keevo Model 1 is changing the way people store and pass on their cryptocurrency to future generations.

Protect your family’s digital legacy and fortune. When death comes for you, Keevo will verify your death, deliver your Carbon Key to your beneficiary, and co-sign your cryptocurrency transfer safely and confidentially with them.

Someday the world is moving on without you. So trust Keevo and Iron Mountain to bring member’s Carbon Keys and your Beneficiary’s encrypted info from one of Iron Mountain’s secure vaults into the next phase of existence for you – with convenience, care, ease-of-mind.

Keep your crypto safe with Keevo. Watch it give off a golden sheen while protecting your private keys like Fort Knox!

Premium Design: The Batmobile for your Crypto

A Keevo is like having the batmobile for your crypto: open and accessible but also sealed tight enough that no one has to know what you’re up to. The Model 1’s sleek design will look just as fabulous with a pocket watch as it does with a tracksuit, and as long as you remember its name – pronounced “key-voe” – not even your partner will hear about you losing your seed phrases ever again!

Keevo is a hardware wallet for those who want to take their security seriously. Despite being a premium-priced hardware wallet, the Model 1 feels even more expensive the instant you take it out of its box.

With Keevo, you can protect your assets from theft. These durable cases are constructed of zinc alloy, have an ABS body reinforced with glass fiber, and have an internal steel reinforcement to safeguard your crypto assets.

keevo secure crypto wallet
Owning a Keevo Model 1 is like having the world’s most secure Swiss bank vault in your pocket.

Keevo is not just a sketch on paper, but something with real weight and durable metal construction. You can really feel the premium materials as soon as you touch them, providing an experience that goes beyond what you’ll find with competition products at this price range – which means we’re pretty confident that Keevo gives your crypto the protection it deserves.

Keevo is celebrating the launch of their Model 1 with the Founder’s Edition. Limited to just 1000 units, this beautiful Founder’s Edition display case comes with a unique serial number and includes your very own Keevo Model 1! 

The next time you’re faced with that hard decision whether or not to buy yet another Founder’s Edition for all your crypto needs, put down your credit card and get on board with Team Keevo!

And for $100 more than an ordinary standard edition? We’ll say it’s definitely worth saving up enough cash so you can call yourself a founder of something great.

keevo logo
Keevo Model 1
Keevo is a fresh, sleek, and highly secure wallet with an intuitive user interface.
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keevo with founder's edition display case
Keevo (Founder’s Edition)
The Founders are getting a luxurious leather display box to put their Keevo Model 1 in.
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Keevo Hardware Wallet Review 2022: The Future is Here
Keevo Hardware Wallet Review 2022: The Future is Here

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