Keystone Pro Review 2022 | 100% Air-Gapped!

You can't afford not to be 100% air-gapped!

The Keystone Pro is a game changer for anyone who wants to securely store crypto away from prying eyes and hackers.

The Keystone Pro (formerly Cobo Vault Pro) is a 100% air-gapped cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It features a 4″ touchscreen, open-source firmware with fingerprint sensor, and PSBT Bitcoin MultiSig Support to ensure your cryptocurrency will be safe from cyber attacks for years to come.

Keystone is a BIP 32/39/44 compatible hierarchical deterministic HD hardware wallet. TRNG is implemented using a Secure Element from which the master key is derived.

True random number generation (TRNG) is performed by a Secure Element in a Keystone hardware wallet, giving you the most full control of your keys.

A Secure Element handles transaction signing in addition to producing a random number, ensuring that your private keys never leave their restricted environment.

100% Air-gapped Wallet & Secure Element Provide Benefits

Furthermore, Keystone has reduced the danger of malware penetration and increased transparency by utilizing QR codes to sign transactions.

The Keystone Pro is 100% air-gapped, thanks to QR communication.

The degree to which your hardware wallet is air-gapped is determined by how it reduces the attack surface while transferring data to an internet-connected device.

Given their low attack surface, QR codes are ideal for data transmission in an air-gapped hardware wallet.

Keystone invented an animated QR code method that allows for greater transaction data

transmission and created microSD card support for desktop wallets such as Electrum and Wasabi.

With QR codes, you can confirm that data entering the Keystone Hardware Wallet is free of trojans and viruses, and that data leaving the Keystone Hardware Wallet does not leak private keys or other sensitive data.

Unlike USB or Bluetooth, QR codes are fully verifiable, as any QR code scanner may decipher their data contents.

A bank-grade Secure Element is used to create genuine random numbers, derive private and public keys, sign transactions, and protect private keys from being disclosed if the device is physically compromised.

A Secure Element is essential for storing your private keys securely and protecting them from physical attacks. In addition, a Keystone hardware wallet with a Secure Element provides long-term hodlers with peace of mind.

Many well-known software wallets for Bitcoin (BlueWallet, Specter, Sparrow, Electrum, Wasabi, Nunchuk, BTCPay Server, and others), ETH (MetaMask PoC), Polkadot/Kusama (Polkadot.js), and XRP (XRP Toolkit) are compatible with Keystone. Furthermore, it may be utilized for DeFi and staking.

The Keystone Hardware Wallet is the first hardware wallet to include open-source Secure Element firmware code, which enables verification of all vital cryptographic processes, such as how private keys are produced and stored completely within the Secure Element.

Open-Source Firmware Available

If you wish to independently check the authenticity of firmware update packages for Keystone Essential and Pro, you may compile the open-source Secure Element firmware and hardware wallet application layer code accessible on the Keystone GitHub page.

Additionally, the device’s schematic circuit diagram has been made available.

The open-source firmware code for Keystone lets you observe how the function that triggers TRNG is called when your private keys are created, as well as the fact that the private keys are never sent outside of the Secure Element.

Simultaneously, you can observe how Keystone stores your private keys in the Secure Element and how transactions are signed fully within it. ColdCard and Ledger are two other hardware wallets using a Secure Element that do not provide their firmware.

The recent Trezor hardware wallet hack demonstrates how vulnerable devices without a Secure Element are to physical attacks that may be carried out for as little as $75.

Trezor advises users to protect themselves by enabling Passphrase wallets. However, a Passphrase involves far more responsibility from the user to avoid human mistakes, creating a risk element.

The biggest weakness in an electronic gadget is typically the battery, which is designed to last just a few years.

Keystone batteries are removable to prevent corrosion, and both the Essential and Pro models have compatibility for AAA batteries, so you do not need to be concerned about battery failure down the line. Additionally, Keystone Pro includes a rechargeable battery.

The option to utilize AAA batteries is designed for infrequent use.

If you intend to use your hardware wallet more than a few times per month, we recommend Keystone Pro.

Experienced owners of hardware wallets may have numerous devices for a variety of purposes.

Keystone Pro includes a fingerprint sensor that may be utilized in public areas such as cafés or airports to prevent spectators or surveillance cameras from stealing your passwords.

Fingerprint authentication for device unlocking and transaction signing can be disabled in settings.

When you carry a hardware wallet around with you, it becomes more susceptible.

To avoid a successful side-channel attack in the case of device loss, Keystone Pro has a multilayered self-destruct mechanism.

When the self-destruct mechanism detects disassembly, it wipes the private keys and any other sensitive information from the device, preventing an attacker from extracting it.

BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, XRP, TRON, LTC, DASH, DOT, and KSM are supported by the Keystone Hardware Wallet, as well as ETH and TRX tokens.

Keystone’s official website contains a complete list of supported currencies and tokens.

A Bitcoin-only firmware version for Keystone Essential and Pro is also available if you’re interested in a Bitcoin-only hardware wallet.

How to Use Keystone Pro

Keep in mind that the Keystone is entirely air-gapped. Therefore, connecting to blockchain networks requires the accompanying software.

You can check balances, initiate new transactions, and broadcast signed ones to the network once you’ve synchronized your Keystone with the app. Keystone solely offers a mobile app for your security.

1. You can ensure that your Keystone was not tampered with before it reached you by using basic Web Authentication. It may also be used to double-check the authenticity of any firmware upgrade.

2. Please choose [Create Wallet] if you do not have a recovery phrase or if you need to produce a new recovery phrase.

3. Scan the QR code shown on the Keystone hardware wallet with the Keystone mobile app by clicking [Bind].

4. The Keystone hardware wallet will only show main-chain assets for simplicity of use. Your ability to sign token transactions will not be harmed as a result of this. The Keystone mobile app allows users to add and manage tokens.

Click [Import Wallet] and then follow the steps if you already have a recovery phrase.

Keystone Model Prices

For $119 USD, Keystone Essential is designed for long-term hodlers and has support for AAA batteries.

For $169 USD, Keystone Pro provides additional portable access to crypto-assets and includes a rechargeable battery, fingerprint sensor, and self-destruct function.

For $479 USD, Keystone Ultimate is IP68 waterproof, IK09 impact-resistant, US military standard MIL-STD-810G, has an aerospace aluminum body, and includes a case.

If you wish to store your recovery seed phrase backup, you may consider buying a Keystone Tablet in the shop too. The Keystone Tablet is fireproof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant. The price of the Keystone Tablet is $39.

The rechargeable battery — not available in the Essential version– comes with the charging cord, as well as the AAA battery, so you may choose how you wish to power it.

Protect your bitcoin now with a hardware wallet that strikes the right mix between security and convenience, as well as mobile phone support.

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Keystone Pro Review 2022 | 100% Air-Gapped!
Keystone Pro Review 2022 | 100% Air-Gapped!

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