• Ivanti Connect and Policy Secure: Analyzing CVE-2024-21887

    Ivanti Connect and Policy Secure: Analyzing CVE-2024-21887

    In an era where our reliance on digital infrastructures is at an all-time high, the recent identification of CVE-2024-21887 emerges as a critical reminder of the ongoing battle in cyberspace. Falling under the spotlight for its potential to disrupt and compromise, CVE-2024-21887 stands out as a severe command injection flaw within the widely used Ivanti…

  • Ivanti ICS and Policy Secure: Assessing the CVE-2023-46805 Threat

    Ivanti ICS and Policy Secure: Assessing the CVE-2023-46805 Threat

    On January 10, 2024, a coalition of cyber security entities, including Ivanti, Volexity, and Mandiant, unveiled the discovery of a zero-day exploit sequence that impacted both Ivanti Connect Secure (previously known as Pulse Connect Secure) and the Ivanti Policy Secure gateway. This set of exploits had been actively utilized by malicious actors since approximately December…

  • CVE-2024-23897 Alert: Critical Risk in Jenkins Servers Uncovered

    CVE-2024-23897 Alert: Critical Risk in Jenkins Servers Uncovered

    The digital landscape is abuzz with the latest cybersecurity threat that has sent shock waves through the IT community. The spotlight shines on a perilous vulnerability identified as CVE-2024-23897, a critical flaw within Jenkins, a widely utilized automation tool in software development. This security vulnerability, now at the forefront of discussions, has been met with…

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