Pionex Review 2022

What is Pionex?

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore that comes with 12 free built-in trading bots that may be added to your account with no experience required from your side. These bots permit you to automate your investment scheme, so you don’t have to monitor the market continuously. You just set the bot to be trained and let it run, generating earnings on many occasions as it does so.

Pionex features low trading commissions and a downloadable iOS/Android mobile app to track your strategy statistics and create various bots. If you aren’t a fan of mobile apps, you can simply use the trading platform as a web-based app instead.

Pionex will provide you with the tools you require to automate your crypto-trading. All you have to do is visit their official website, open an account, deposit, and let the bots do their work.

You might be wondering if this investment strategy is genuine. Our Pionex review will assist you in learning more about the crypto exchange and the unique benefits offered to its users.

Pionex Regulation & Security

BitUniverse’s Pionex brokerage service launched in 2019. A year later, Pionex emerged as one of 2020’s quickest-growing trading platforms in Asia.

Because of the size and success of the company, Pionex was able to obtain regulation. Pionex is regulated in Singapore and the United States. In 2020, Pionex was granted the MSB (Money Services Business) license by the U.S’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Thus, all customers can be assured that there is an oversight of the broker’s activities.

Pionex Low Trading Fees

Pionex charges trading fees of only 0.05% for each trade. In the event that a client places a trade that isn’t instantly matched by an outstanding order on the books, they will pay the maker fee. And if the client places a trade order that is matched instantly with an outstanding order, they will pay the taker fee. The fee is collected from the total outstanding balance deposited to the client’s account when their trade concludes.

There are also withdrawal fees, which are essentially the network fees for all coins. The withdrawal fees vary from coin to coin.

Any trader that deposits $300,000 or more in USDT to their account can apply to Pionex’s Market Maker program and enjoy trading fee discounts. Any trader that deposits $300,000 or more in USDT to their account can apply to Pionex’s Market Maker program and enjoy a trading fee discount. If you qualify to be a Market Maker, you will pay 0% in maker fees. Nevertheless, taker fees will remain at 0.05%

Note that you may also apply to be a Market Maker when you deposit the equivalent of $300,000 USD or more in another equivalent coin. Keep in mind that you may only apply for the Match Maker program from the 1st to the 10th of each month. Subsequently, accounts are reviewed on the 1st of every month to check if the accounts are qualified for the program.

After being accepted into the program, you need to regularly retain a total account balance of $300,000 or more. In the event that you are disqualified from being a Market Maker as a result of a low balance, you will not be able to apply to the program for 30 days.

Pionex Automated Trading Bots

Pionex currently offers 12 automated trading bots, and each of them has distinct features.

The GRID Bot (Grid Trading Bot): The GRID Bot is perhaps the most notable trading bot from Pionex that seeks to profit from a fluctuated market. Clients just need to set a range for the bot, and it will proceed to buy low and sell high within the provided range.

Infinity Grids Bot: The Infinity Grids Bot is comparable with the GRID Bot but lacks an upper limit. It still assists clients to always buy low and sell high, though the portion of the funds is comparatively lower than the GRID Bot.

DCA (Dollar-cost averaging) bot: The DCA bot permits the investor to set a recurring purchase at intervals. Significantly, any purchases are made based on time and not asset price. Hence, the bot will purchase at the current market price at each of the specified intervals. This investment tactic provides the investor with a better average price over time.

Pionex permits the customer to select one of the subsequent 5 time intervals for the DCA scheme: 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month.

Trailing Buy Bot: The Trailing Buy bot is preferred for purchasing the dips. The bot adds to a client’s position in the course of the price falling and subsequently stops purchasing once the price reverses and heads higher.

Trailing Sell Bot: Pionex designed the Trailing Sell bot to assist users in refraining from selling too early in a pumping market. Notably, the bot allows users to place a trailing stop on orders to limit potential losses in the event that the market abruptly reverses.

Smart Trade Bot: The Smart Trade Bot permits traders to diminish account risk while still collecting profits and capitalizing on market trends. The strategy involves the combination of buying and selling simultaneously with fixed or trailing stops to limit the market risk.

Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot: The Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot permits users to capitalize on market inefficiencies to net 15-50% APR in profits using an exceptionally low-risk arbitrage scheme.

Moreover, the bot also assists traders in capitalizing on the high volatility of the crypto spot market. Coins may surge and correct by large percentages in the near future, and the bot may acquire trades to net out good profits.

Leveraged Grid Bot: The Leveraged Grid bot augments grid profits in markets that are trending upward. With the bot, users can set trades to be leveraged by 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x, and 3x.

Leveraged Reverse Grid Bot: The Leveraged Reverse Grid bot is identical to the Reverse Grid Bot in functionality, with the exception that the user can utilize leverage to gain more profits. Trades can be leveraged by 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x, and 3x.

Reverse Grid Bot – The Reverse Grid Bot is deployed to boost a user’s holdings as price drops. The bot will sell your coins at a higher price and buyback them at a reduced price.

Margin Grid Bot – The Margin Grid Bot designates a trader’s coins as collateral against a loan, and the loan contributes the funds for the trading. Importantly, traders may earn a profit from their trades without using their coins. In addition, the bot permits traders to short a trade or proceed long without selling their coins.

TWAP (Time-weighted average price, or TWAP) Bot: The TWAP bot permits traders to purchase or sell large amounts of crypto as several small orders without affecting the market price.

It is evident that every Pionex bot has distinct goals and unique capabilities. When circumstances shift, it may be beneficial to utilize another trading bot that is ideal for the current evolving market situation. Therefore, the distinct trading strategies offered by various crypto trading bots can appeal to a wide variety of clients.

Pionex Trading Assets

Besides automated bot trading, Pionex also supports standard manual trading among some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. The platform offers more than 120 different cryptocurrencies and hundreds of trading pairs.

Nevertheless, the platform merely supports crypto-to-crypto trades. This means that it is not possible to utilize fiat currency by means of a credit card or bank transfer to finance your account.

Individuals that don’t already own any cryptocurrency will have to open an account with a broker that accepts fiat transfers, purchase a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and transfer the crypto to your Pionex wallet.

Pionex Mobile Apps

Users have the option of accessing Pionex on the computer or their smartphones. We found the mobile apps to be organized, stable, and easily accessible. The Pionex mobile apps easily allow us to set up our own trading bots wherever we are.

Pionex mobile apps get priority in terms of updates and any new features. The web-based app is updated subsequently.

Pionex Customer Service

Pionex’s customer service team can be reached by email and live chat. If customer service is not available, you may access tutorials on Pionex’s YouTube channel.


Being able to use Pionex’s Al bots to generate a profit is excellent, especially since the bots are entirely free and Pionex merely retaining just a small trading fee.

If you’re into automated trading, Pionex should be strongly considered in your bot trading strategies. The Pionex mobile apps are extremely easy to use, and the fees are low enough that you can generate profits without worrying. The bots are also easy to use, and you don’t have to deal with setting up API keys.

Manual trading is also permitted, and if you don’t wish to utilize the trading bots, you may still benefit from the low trading fees.

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