What Is a FedEx OnSite? (Learn More About The Benefits)

With the growth of online shopping and e-commerce, more businesses are turning to FedEx for their delivery solutions.

One of the most convenient services offered by the company is its OnSite locations, which provide customers with easy access to package pick-up and drop-off.

But what exactly is a FedEx OnSite? And why should customers and businesses consider using them? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is a FedEx OnSite?

A FedEx OnSite is an official location that offers customers access to all of the shipping services available through FedEx.

These locations are typically located in retail stores, such as supermarkets or pharmacies, so customers can easily pick up and drop off packages without visiting a traditional FedEx office.

FedEx OnSite enables businesses to offer customers convenient, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for both sending and receiving packages. This includes everything from international shipments to next-day deliveries, as well as other services such as printing labels, creating return shipping labels, and much more.

How Does FedEx OnSite Work?

FedEx OnSite makes it easy to ship packages without having to leave your neighborhood.

All you need to do is select an OnSite location and take your package there, handing it off to an attendant.

The attendant will then assist in selecting the best shipment method for your package, which could be Ground, Express, Home Delivery, or Smart Post.

Next, you’ll pay for the shipping cost with a cash or debit/credit card, and the attendant will print a shipping label and attach it to the package.

Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information to conveniently keep track of your package until its delivery.

What Are The FedEx Services Available At An OnSite Location?

At an OnSite Location, you can access many different services offered by FedEx, including package pickup and delivery; printing; copying; faxing; scanning; mailbox rentals; document shredding; document binding; computer rental; tech support; freight services; and more!

You can also purchase packing materials like boxes and tape as well as shipping supplies like labels and envelopes right at the counter.

Plus, if you need urgent assistance with your shipments or have questions about any of the services available at an OnSite Location, there will always be someone on hand who can help answer your questions.

Where Can You Find a FedEx OnSite Location?

FedEx OnSite can be typically found within popular retailers such as Walgreens, Dollar General, Kroger, Office Depot, and OfficeMax, making it easy and convenient to utilize their services.

Once you’ve identified your local FedEx OnSite location near you, you’ll be able to take advantage of their suite of services with expanded capabilities than those offered at traditional FedEx retail outlets.

How Do I Find a FedEx OnSite Near Me?

If you’re interested in finding out if there’s a FedEx OnSite near you, it’s easy enough—just go to the official FedEx delivery sites page and search for your city and zip code online to see if any results come up.

Many of these locations are listed on Google Maps as well as on the official FedEx website, so be sure to check both places before deciding where you’ll go for your shipping needs.

Additionally, many office buildings will advertise their own private on-site shipping services directly on their websites or through word-of-mouth marketing efforts within their complexes. 

What Shipping and Delivery Services Does FedEx OnSite Offer?

FedEx OnSite provides customers with convenient shipping and delivery services that make the entire process effortless.

You can send a variety of packages through the service, including FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and even international ones, as long as they were originally shipped from the United States.

This service helps to expedite commercial deliveries, especially urgent shipments that require same-day receiving.

All you need is your delivery address, and you’ll be on your way to having your shipment taken care of quickly and efficiently.

The empowering feeling you get when knowing your item will be delivered safely, quickly, and worry-free is something that makes FedEx OnSite stand out from the crowd.

What Items Aren’t Permitted at FedEx OnSite Locations?

FedEx OnSite locations are a convenient way to send your packages quickly, however it is important to be aware of what items will be accepted and what cannot be sent through this option.

Anything considered hazardous material or dangerous goods, such as flammable gases or liquids, firearms, explosives, radioactive materials, and more, are not allowed according to FedEx’s regulations.

Additionally, any unsecured items or shipments which require packing due to the fragile nature of their contents are also not allowed at these locations; in this case, bringing it to a staffed FedEx Ship Center is recommended.

Be mindful of what you can and cannot ship at an OnSite location so that your package gets where it needs to go without any trouble.

Are You Able To Return Packages At A FedEx OnSite Location?

FedEx OnSite locations are an excellent solution for quickly and easily returning packages without having to go to your local FedEx store.

By carrying out the return at an OnSite location, you can take advantage of the convenience of returning items on your own time.

They accept package returns with prepaid return labels already printed, as well as barcodes given to you by the company you’re returning the package to, where they will print a label from their location.

When looking for these services, make sure that you search for locations that offer on-site label printing, as not all stores will have this option available.

Whether it’s convenient or urgent, you can rely on FedEx OnSite locations for hassle-free returns.

How Much Does It Cost To Use FedEx OnSite?

Taking advantage of the convenience of using FedEx OnSite is easy and cost-effective.

The best part is that there are no additional fees to worry about – you will only be responsible for normal FedEx shipping charges.

Treat any FedEx OnSite location as you would a FedEx Office or Ship Center – simply hand over your items, make payment, and receive your tracking number so that you can follow your package’s journey.

The Benefits of Using a FedEx OnSite

One of the biggest benefits of using a FedEx OnSite is convenience. Customers can simply drop off their packages at one of these locations and have them delivered anywhere in the world within days—sometimes even within hours—without ever leaving their homes or office.

Additionally, OnSite locations often offer extended hours, so customers can pick up or drop off packages at any time that works for them—even if it’s late at night or on weekends.

For businesses that need to frequently ship large quantities of packages, OnSites offer an additional advantage in the form of volume discounts.

By utilizing an OnSite location, businesses can save money by taking advantage of special rates negotiated by the provider’s corporate account manager. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their shipping costs while still providing excellent service to their customers.

Having a FedEx OnSite in your business can help you stand out from the competition by providing greater convenience for your customers.

Customers who need to send or receive packages quickly can do so without ever having to leave your store or office. This saves them time and effort, which can go a long way toward increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, since the service is integrated into your existing shop or office space, there’s no need to worry about renting additional space or hiring additional staff to manage the service—it’s all taken care of for you!

What Are Some Of The Best Tips For Using A FedEx OnSite?

Using a FedEx OnSite is a great way to stay connected with colleagues, send and receive packages quickly, and keep organized.

To ensure you make the most of your FedEx OnSite experience, it’s important to consider some key tips.

Before mailing anything, check that you’ve completed the required documents correctly and that all items are in the correct packaging.

Always double-check addresses and select the appropriate shipping services for each package, as this will help avoid costly delays.

When receiving packages OnSite, always take note of any special instructions given by the sender and make sure to review any applicable delivery rules or regulations before signing off confirmation of delivery.

Taking these steps will ensure that you’re prepared when using a FedEx OnSite every time!


FedEx OnSite locations offer an extensive range of helpful shipping services for businesses looking for an easy and reliable way to manage their outgoing package deliveries or incoming package pickups.

With competitive pricing on shipping services and access to helpful customer service representatives, these locations are ideal for anyone who needs quick access to quality shipping resources without breaking their budget.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your business’s shipping needs, consider visiting your local FedEx OnSite location today!

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