What Is Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch? (Flavors + Ingredients)

A hot cup of coffee is the best way to start your morning but have you ever had a cup of coffee that was too bitter or too sweet?

If you have, then you need to try Dunkin’s Sunrise Batch.

This coffee is a brilliant balance of bitter and sweet, and it will wake you up without giving you a sugar crash later in the day.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch so special.

What Is Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch?

Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is a medium roasted, refreshing coffee with a hint of a cocoa-flavored finish that’s fantastic for those cold mornings when you need an extra boost to get going.

This full-bodied coffee has a bright, smooth taste with notes of cocoa, tangy sweetness, and toasted nuts. It’s ideal for those who want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without compromising on taste or quality.

This batch blend has a nutty cocoa finish, making it brilliant for pairing with Avocado Toast and Stuffed Bagel Minis.

Whether starting your day or needing an afternoon pick-me-up, Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is the coffee to help you power through your day.

What Is Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Made From?

This limited edition roast is made with medium roasted cocoa and coffee beans, giving it a rich and flavorful taste. Nutty and caramel notes provide the coffee a unique sweetness that is simply irresistible.

Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is also available in different flavors, with chocolaty and nutty being two of the most popular choices. However, no matter which flavor you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy a truly unique coffee experience.

And because the coffee beans are sourced from Latin America and Kenya, two of the world’s premier coffee-growing regions, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product.

What Is The Background Of Dunkin’s Sunrise Batch?

Dunkin’ Donuts periodically works on a limited batch series, such as Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch, to provide its consumers with various coffees for a limited time.

As a substitute for Dunkin’ Original Blend Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is a medium roast available only throughout the summer.

In addition, coffee aficionados from Dunkin’s Research & Development Team produced this hot and iced limited edition beverage.

Consequently, their main objective was to produce a limited-edition summer blend utilizing coffee that energizes and brightens the day in an inventive manner.

As a result, the Sunrise Batch is only one of the many unique mixes included in Dunkin’ Donuts’ limited summer menu batch series, which also includes a variety of other summer menu items.

What Makes Sunrise Batch So Special?

The answer lies in the beans. The beans for Sunrise Batch are roasted longer than most coffees, which gives them a deeper flavor.

The extra roasting also reduces the beans’ acidity, resulting in a smoother cup of coffee.

In addition to being less acidic, Sunrise Batch is also naturally sweeter than other coffees. This is because the extra roasting brings out the natural sugars in the beans.

Is The Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch A Powerful Coffee?

When it comes to coffee, everyone has different preferences. Some like it strong, while others prefer a lighter brew. Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is a limited edition coffee that promises a bolder flavor. But is it strong enough to satisfy those who like their coffee on the darker side?

We put Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch to the test, and here’s what we found. The coffee has a rich aroma, and the first sip is indeed quite bold. However, the flavor isn’t overwhelming, and the coffee has a pleasant finish.

The flavor is bold but balanced, with notes of cocoa, caramel, and nuts. And despite its balanced flavor, Dunkin’ Sunrise Bach is still surprisingly smooth and easy to drink.

Unlike Dunkin’ Original Blend, which has a hint of sweetness and a fruity flavor that stands out, Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is savory and doesn’t taste much like fruit.

Overall, we’d say that Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is an excellent choice for those who like their coffee on the lighter side.

How Much Is Dunkin’ Donuts Sunrise Batch Coffee?

As a limited-time offer, a Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee cup costs $2 in all Dunkin’ locations globally.

Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is a limited edition coffee drink that is only available for a short time.

This popular drink was originally replaced by 100% Guatemalan Coffee, but owing to customer demand, it has returned and is expected to remain available until mid-August 2022.

If you missed trying out the Sunrise Batch Coffee last year, give it a try this time while it lasts.

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Have you had a chance to try Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch yet? If not, we highly recommend giving it a try.

This limited-edition coffee is a fantastic blend of premium ingredients, and it can be enjoyed both hot and iced.

So head to your nearest Dunkin’ and give Sunrise Batch a try today!

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