Where Does Chewy Ship From? (Warehouses + Services)

Chewy is one of the most popular online pet stores in the U.S., and millions of customers take advantage of their convenient delivery services every month.

Offering a wide selection of products from food to toys, Chewy has become the go-to resource for pets and their owners everywhere.

But have you ever wondered where exactly Chewy ships their orders from? Let’s explore more about Chewy shipping and answer this question.

Where Does Chewy Ship From In 2023?

Chewy has several distribution warehouses located around the United States, including its main fulfillment center located in Pennsylvania. This main warehouse is also home to the company’s customer service center, which manages customer inquiries and returns.

Smaller warehouses are also located in Texas, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Arizona, and Florida.

Depending on the customer’s location, all orders placed on Chewy are fulfilled from these distribution warehouses. This means that if you live close to one of these locations, chances are your order will be shipped from there.

Where Are Chewy Warehouses Located?

Chewy has strategically placed its fulfillment centers and warehouses across the United States to serve their customers better.

Locations cover areas from state to state, such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, Ohio, and Nevada. Each warehouse is situated in Jessup, PA; Clayton, IN; Dallas, TX; Goodyear, AZ; Louisville, KY; Mechanicsburg, PA; Ocala, FL; Dayton, OH; Salisbury, NC ; Sparks, NV ; Wilkes-Barre PA ; Edgerton KS ; Belton MO ; Lewisberry PA ; and Pittston PA.

Having 15 different fulfillment centers and warehouses around the country allows Chewy to provide fast and reliable delivery of pet food and supplies to their customers.

Where Does Chewy Operate?

Chewy operates from two primary headquarters located in Boston and Dania Beach. Along with their headquarters, they also have corporate offices in Minneapolis and Bellevue, WA, that are essential to the company’s success across the country.

In addition to these headquarters and offices, Chewy also has several warehouses and fulfillment centers located in 11 states.

With the majority of their warehouses centered around Pennsylvania, which has 5 locations in total, each other state only has one fulfillment center/warehouse at this time.

All of these locations help Chewy continue to provide exceptional customer service around the United States.

To better serve customers in the South, Chewy announced plans to expand its presence by opening a new fulfillment center across Tennessee in fall 2023, along with additional locations in Nashville, Reno, and Kansas City for a total of four.

This expansion is expected to vastly improve supply chain issues and strengthen Chewy’s coverage throughout the country.

With the opening of these fulfillment centers, Chewy intends to increase its presence on the West Coast, covering Arizona and Nevada eastward to Florida, northward to Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kansas, and southward to North Carolina, Texas, and Kentucky.

Enhancements made in terms of infrastructure and logistics will help ensure an even more reliable service for customers. This much-needed expansion is set to revolutionize Chewy’s already expansive coverage in North America.

How Does Chewy Ship Products?

When it comes to shipping methods, Chewy typically relies on ground shipping through FedEx and other reputable carriers.

The company’s fulfillment centers send out shipments with full attention to detail, packaging them for a safe journey. All this happens so that pet owners can shop online with them confidently, knowing the product will arrive quickly and safely.

Depending on where you live in the US, the delivery may take anywhere from two days (for areas close to distribution centers) up to seven days (for more remote areas).

For customers who need their items faster, Chewy also offers expedited shipping options for some areas.

Additionally, customers who have subscribed to their Autoship program can enjoy free standard shipping on all orders over $49!

Chewy’s commitment to its customers doesn’t just stop with its wide selection of quality pet care products.

Chewy also offers package delivery services that are the same as FedEx Home Delivery, with packages being delivered every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

With unmatched convenience and reliability, Chewy is your one-stop-shop for online pet supplies and delivery services you can rely on 7 days a week.

What Else Can I Expect From Chewy Shipping?

Chewy is committed to providing the best possible customer experience when it comes to shipping. That’s why they offer tracking information for all orders so that customers can keep an eye on their packages from start to finish.

Furthermore, all orders come with a 365-day return policy so that customers can shop confidently, knowing that they will get precisely what they need without worrying about being stuck with something they don’t want or need.

And if there are any issues during transit or delivery times are delayed for any reason, Customer Service is available 24/7 via phone or live chat – so you’re never alone!


Chewy takes its commitment to customer service seriously when shipping products out quickly and reliably.

By utilizing multiple fulfillment centers across the country and offering both ground and expedited shipping options, they make sure everyone gets what they need – no matter where they live in the US!

And with features like real-time tracking info and a 365-day return policy – shopping at Chewy has never been easier or more convenient!

Chewy’s commitment to efficient warehousing services ensures that all Chewy customers receive the best service no matter where they’re located.

So if you’re looking for easy access to quality pet supplies delivered straight to your door, look no further than Chewy!

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