Why Is Canada Post So Slow? (10 Worst Reasons & Solutions)

Wondering why your mail is taking so long to arrive? You’re not alone. Canada Post has been facing increasing criticism in recent years for its slow and often unreliable delivery times.

So, what’s the deal? Why is Canada Post so slow, and what can be done to fix the problem?

In this guide, we will look at 10 reasons why Canada Post has been slow and what can be done to improve its speed.

Why Is Canada Post So Slow In 2022?

There are a few reasons why Canada Post has been struggling to keep up with demand in recent years.

First, e-commerce has exploded in popularity, leading to a sharp increase in the volume of packages being sent through the mail.

Second, Canada Post has been facing a labor shortage due to an ongoing dispute with its employees.

And third, the organization has been slow to adopt new technologies that could help it improve its efficiency.

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1. Lack of Infrastructure Investment

One of the primary reasons for Canada Post’s slowness is a lack of infrastructure investment. As a result, the Canadian postal service has not been adequately maintained or updated in many years, leading to an aging and inefficient system.

In particular, the equipment used to sort and process mail is outdated, which leads to significant delays.

For example, many sorting machines can only process letters that are placed in specific positions–if a letter is even slightly off-center, it will get rejected and have to be manually sorted, which takes a lot of time.

As a result of these infrastructure issues, it takes much longer for mail to be processed and delivered in Canada than in other developed countries.

2. Long Delivery Times

Another reason why Canada Post is slow is that delivery times are simply too long.

It takes an average of 8 days for a letter to be delivered from one side of Canada to the other – sometimes, it can take weeks or even months!

This is often because there are too few delivery vehicles on the road.

Each truck has to cover a vast area, which leads to longer delivery times. And with more and more people shopping online, package delivery times are only getting longer.

Also, Canada Post workers are being lazy and leave delivery notice cards without actually making an attempt to deliver parcels.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that many people wonder why is Canada Post so bad.

3. Increase In Online Shopping & Volume Of Parcels Handled

Another problem facing Canada Post is e-commerce. The rise of online shopping due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sharp increase in the volume of parcels being mailed all across the country.

Parcel delivery volume has increased by 15% every year for the past five years! Unfortunately, Canada Post simply doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to keep up with this demand.

They’re forced to rely on an aging fleet of delivery trucks and planes, which are often unreliable and break down frequently.

4. Strikes & Work Slowdowns

Finally, there’s the issue of labor relations. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has been locked in a battle with management for years over pay and working conditions.

This dispute has led to strikes and work slowdowns, which have only worsened the situation.

CUPW recently called for another strike vote, which could result in more delays and disruptions for Canadians.

5. They’re Understaffed

Canada Post is facing a staffing shortage of about 4,000 employees. This means that the working employees are overworked and stressed, which can lead to errors and slow service.

In addition, this staffing shortage has led to an increase in parcel delivery times from an average of 2 days to 3 days.

6. They’re Losing Money

Due to the rise of online shopping and competition from private companies like UPS and FedEx, Canada Post is losing money.

In fact, in 2018, they reported a loss of $348 million. This financial instability could be one of the reasons why their service has been slipping in recent years.

7. Change In Operations Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Canada Post has had to change how it operates to keep its employees safe from Covid-19.

This includes reducing staff and having employees work from home where possible. As a result, fewer people are available to sort and deliver mail.

8. Poor Weather Conditions

One of the biggest reasons for slow mail delivery times is weather conditions. From snow and ice in the winter to hurricanes and floods in the summer, bad weather can wreak havoc on the postal system.

Canada Post even has a dedicated service alerts page on its website to alert customers to any weather-related delays.

9. Budget Cuts

Budget cuts have also been blamed for slow mail delivery times.

In 2013, Canada Post implemented significant cost-cutting measures to save money. These included reducing home mail delivery and closing sorting plants.

While these changes did help save money, they also led to longer wait times for customers.

10. Poor Management

In addition to a lack of investment and the rotating strikes, another reason for Canada Post’s woes is poor management.

Inefficient management practices have resulted in higher costs and lower productivity, further exacerbating the postal service’s problems.


Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems.

For example, Canada Post could invest in automated sorting machines to help speed up the processing of packages.

The company could also offer incentives to attract more workers by raising wages or offering flexible work schedules.

Finally, it could make greater use of data analytics to identify areas where delivery times can be improved.

What Canada Post Is Doing About It

Canada Post is taking several steps to try to alleviate the delays.

They are hiring more staff, increasing capacity at their sorting facilities, and working with other postal services worldwide to help with delivery.

They are also asking people not to send non-essential items by mail and to expect delays when sending items that are not time-sensitive.

What Can We Do?

So what can we do to help improve the situation?

First of all, we can be patient. Our postal workers are doing their best under difficult circumstances. They deserve our patience and understanding.

Secondly, we can support local businesses that rely on Canada Post for deliveries. By shopping locally, we can help keep these businesses afloat during this challenging time.

Finally, we can contact our elected officials and let them know that we expect them to do something about this situation. We need them to invest in our postal system to meet the growing population’s demands.

With our help, Canada Post can get back on track and start delivering the high-quality service that Canadians deserve.


Canada Post has been facing increasing criticism recently for its slow and often unreliable delivery times.

However, there are several reasons why this problem exists, and solutions could help improve the situation.

With some strategic investments and changes, Canada Post could once again become a reliable option for Canadians who need to send or receive mail.

Our postal system is essential to our infrastructure, and we need to invest in it accordingly.

By being patient, supporting local businesses, and contacting our elected officials, we can help make sure that Canada Post can provide the high-quality service that we expect and deserve.

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