Why Is DoorDash So Slow? Investigating the Causes and How to Fix It

It seems like every time you order from DoorDash, it takes forever for your food to arrive. You’re not alone in this experience—many customers have had similar experiences with the delivery service.

So why is DoorDash so slow? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why and what you can do to get your food delivered faster.

Reasons Why DoorDash Can Be Slow

With DoorDash’s increasing popularity, more and more customers are relying on the platform to fulfill their food service needs quickly and conveniently.

Have you ever had your DoorDash order arrive later than promised? DoorDash late delivery can be frustrating, but the good news is that restaurants and delivery people are doing their best to make sure all orders arrive in a timely fashion.

There are a few simple reasons why your DoorDash order might be taking longer than expected.

Geographic Location & Traffic Congestion

The geographic location of the restaurant you’re ordering from can have a significant impact on how quickly DoorDash is able to deliver your food.

If the restaurant is located in an area with heavy traffic or construction, it will be more difficult for the delivery driver to reach you in a timely manner.

Moreover, if you live in a major city with plenty of restaurants nearby, it can be difficult for drivers to quickly get from one place to another.

Additionally, if there are no readily available roads between your house and the restaurant, it may take longer for the driver to get there. This means delivery times can be longer than expected due to high demand and a limited number of drivers in the area.

Driver Availability & Scheduling Issues

Another factor that can contribute to slow delivery times is driver availability or scheduling issues.

If there are not enough drivers available in an area, it will take longer for your order to be fulfilled.

Additionally, if a driver’s schedule does not match up with yours, they may not be able to make the delivery as quickly as possible.

The Driver Took A Detour

DoorDash can sometimes take longer than expected due to the driver taking a detour. This is because many drivers will often face traffic or weather conditions that may inform their decision to take a different route than was originally anticipated, adding extra minutes to the estimated delivery time.

Not only can this be frustrating for a consumer, but it could potentially lead to food orders arriving cold, making for an unpleasant experience overall.

Consumers should try their best to remain patient in these situations, as it might not always be possible for drivers to avoid taking detours and extend their travel times when trying to get an order from point A to point B.

While it may lead to some confusion for customers, it is important that DoorDash drivers have full control over their routes so they can run their errands as efficiently as possible.

Order Preparation Time

It’s also important to consider how long it takes for restaurants to prepare orders before they are ready for pick-up by drivers.

Some restaurants may need more time than others, depending on their menu items and how busy they are when you place your order.

While this is out of the control of both DoorDash and its drivers, it still affects how quickly an order can be delivered since drivers have no choice but to wait until their order is ready before they can deliver it.

This means that even if traffic conditions are optimal and your order is relatively close by, you may still experience a delay due to restaurant prep time. 

Distance From Merchants

Lastly, distance from merchants plays a role in why DoorDash deliveries take so long.

The farther away you are from the merchant location, the longer it will take for your order to arrive as the driver has to travel further distances between orders.

This means that if you’re ordering from a restaurant that’s far away from where you live, your food will take longer than normal because it takes more time for the driver to get there and back again with your order in tow.

Drivers Are Collecting Multiple Orders

DoorDash drivers may encounter delays due to having to make multiple stops before delivering an order.

Thus, DoorDash often appears slow because some drivers are responsible for picking up multiple orders at a time.

As they move from one restaurant to the next, there can be delays outside of their control, such as traffic or poor weather conditions.

Multitasking during food delivery can create hiccups in customer delivery times, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately, factors like these can affect not only their speed but also the freshness and quality of your food.

Drivers need to balance customer expectations with the time it takes to pick up multiple orders, resulting in slower-than-expected wait times.

App Technical Glitches

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse – especially when it fails us. Apps like DoorDash have made the restaurant experience more convenient than ever but equally frustrating due to the unpredictable nature of technology.

Not only can internet connections be spotty, but app developers also need to keep up with global changes on their platforms for smooth functioning.

As such, DoorDash’s customers may have noticed some bugs or slowdowns in their order process – not ideal when you’re trying to feed yourself or your family.

Users have reported technical glitches such as misdirected deliveries, incorrect order processing, and long wait times as causes for why DoorDash has slowed down in recent months.

Although manual intervention from customer service teams can help reduce these issues, companies should look into increasing their technological infrastructure to better support their rapidly increasing user base and ensure that customers are receiving timely deliveries with accurate orders.

Thankfully, the team behind DoorDash is always working hard to update their system and ensure the customer experience is as optimal as possible.

Ordering During Peak Delivery Times

DoorDash is a popular food delivery service, and, unfortunately, it does experience slowdowns during peak delivery times.

Generally, these peak times fall between 11 am to 2 pm for lunch orders and 6 pm to 8 pm for dinner orders.

As these are the busier periods in terms of workload, restaurants might take longer to process and package an order.

Also, DoorDash needs more drivers during peak timeframes when customer demand increases significantly. This sometimes leads to extended waiting times before deliveries can be made.

Also, have you ever experienced the frustration of longing for delicious food, only to be left waiting as DoorDash delivered the wrong order? The question remains – why does this happen, and what can we do about it?

In addition, many people often wonder if DoorDash is 24/7. The answer may surprise you!

Competing In A Crowded Market

DoorDash has experienced slow growth recently due to increasing competition from other food delivery companies.

With a wide variety of companies offering door-to-door delivery, customers have more options than ever.

Many of these competitors offer similar services and are growing at a faster rate, making DoorDash’s market share increasingly difficult to maintain.

This increases pressure on DoorDash to ensure fast and reliable service or risk losing out to its competitors.

In addition, new players like Uber Eats have significantly increased the number of customers to compete for.

Additionally, DoorDash’s brand recognition has caused many people to switch from competing services to their own, creating an influx of orders that the company may not be able to handle without compromising quality regarding both delivery times and customer satisfaction.

With that in mind, slower response times can sometimes occur due to the size and fame of the companies they find themselves competing with.

To remain relevant in this landscape, DoorDash must invest in innovative campaigns or new business models that will keep them ahead of their competitors or risk losing mid to long-term market share.

The Driver Stole Your Food

DoorDash is typically a fast and reliable source for food delivery, but delays in the system are inevitable.

One of the biggest potential culprits is driver behavior, with some drivers undercutting the expectations of promptly delivering meals to customers.

Sadly, these drivers sometimes steal people’s orders, leaving them waiting even longer for their food.

Unfortunately, until we have better accountability policies in place that enforce stringent consequences on drivers who act unethically, some people will continue to have bad experiences with DoorDash.

A good starting point would be to make customer feedback an integral part of the DoorDash ecosystem so that problems may be quickly addressed and resolved.

How To Fix Your DoorDash Order

Now that we know what might be causing delays with DoorDash, let’s look at some steps you can take to ensure speedy delivery.

First and foremost, always check the estimated wait time when placing an order; this should give you a good idea of just how long it will take for your food to arrive.

Another way is to check the weather forecast before placing an order so that you are aware of any potential delays due to bad weather conditions.

To ensure that your order is fulfilled quickly during peak delivery times, customers should consider placing their orders well in advance of when they need the food delivered by.

Additionally, consider placing your order during non-peak hours when there may be fewer people ordering from the same restaurant at once. This will reduce wait times significantly as well as give restaurants more time to prepare each individual order properly without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by large volumes of customers all at once.

Furthermore, try avoiding busy roads whenever possible if they are likely to increase travel time between you and your driver significantly due to heavy traffic congestion during certain times of day or weekdays during rush hour periods.       

You can also check with restaurants near you directly if they offer their own delivery services; this way, you can bypass DoorDash altogether and get faster service.

To improve customer satisfaction while recognizing limited driver resources, intelligent ordering solutions should be considered to optimize overall efficiency when dealing with multiple orders.

With efficient solutions in place, customers would have a better understanding of estimated waiting times, allowing them to better plan their orders with complete confidence.

One way you could minimize any delays would be to ensure that your mobile app version is always up-to-date and make sure your internet connection is stable before ordering.

Finally, ensure that any contact info associated with your account is up-to-date; this allows Dashers to quickly reach out if there are any unexpected delays or issues on their end. 


Although slow delivery times can be frustrating, understanding why DoorDash is so slow and what causes delays can help you plan ahead when placing orders with them in the future.

By keeping track of traffic conditions and being aware of restaurants’ preparation times, you can ensure that your food arrives as quickly as possible!

Additionally, DoorDash has implemented several new features, such as real-time tracking and estimated delivery times, that make ordering from them even more convenient and hassle-free!

Remember—always check estimated wait times when placing an order, consider other nearby restaurants that may offer their own delivery service, and keep all contact information associated with your account up-to-date!

By taking into account factors such as bad weather conditions, high volumes of orders being placed simultaneously, slow restaurant service times, and traffic congestion on busy roads, we can improve our chances of having our food delivered faster from DoorDash next time we decide we want a delicious meal without having to leave home!

With these tips in mind, you should never have another bad experience with DoorDash again!

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